Christmas Scenting Snowflake

Christmas Exclusive
Get into the Christmas mood with this festive scenting snowflake! 
      • Clay diffusers are simple to use and ideal for delicate aroma diffusion. 

        Suitable for use in cars, small living spaces, enclosed areas with good air circulation, or hung on walls, doors, and windows.
      • Drip 10 to 15 drops of your favourite essential oil or holiday scents onto the scenting ceramic snowflake. Hang the snowflake on your Christmas tree or around the house to allow diffusion. Refresh the scent by adding 8-10 drops as desired. 

        Handle with care. The scenting snowflake is made of ceramic and is breakable. When hanging the snowflake, take measures to ensure that it is tightly secured.

        Never ingest essential oils, or apply undiluted essential oils/absolutes onto skin without instruction or consultation from a qualified medical practitioner.

        Always read the precautions of essential oils before use.
      • Includes:
        Scenting Snowflake

        Essential oil is not included.