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Matt Black Ceramic Home Scent Reed Diffuser Vase

This sleek matt black ceramic vase is designed to suit any home and office decor style. Simply pour your favourite home scent instantly add life into any living space.
  • Diffusion Rate
    450ml - 6 to 9 months.

    Factors such as hot, dry weather, air-conditioning and drafts are factors that may affect the evaporation rate of your diffuser.

    Suitable for Use In
    Well-circulated and enclosed areas.

    Low maintenance
    Does not require power source
    Scent Intensity: Medium
    Scent Longevity: Lasting
    • Carefully pour your selected home scent into the ceramic base of the Vase Diffuser.
    • Insert 3 to 5 unused reed sticks into the diffuser and allow 20 to 30minutes for the initial absorption of the home scent. Add more reeds if you want to increase the scent intensity.
    • Flip the reeds and expose the saturated ends to the environment for scent diffusion.
    • Flip your diffuser reeds every two weeks to refresh the scent.
    • Enjoy the luxurious scent and therapeutic effects of your favourite essential oil!

    Ceramics are highly breakable; always handle the diffuser vase with care. Take extra caution to avoid spillage of essential oils or the diffuser oil onto the outer surface of the vase. Essential oils will stain wood surfaces. Always clean the bottom of your diffuser before setting it on any surface.
  • Refills & Diffuser Reeds:
    Home Scent diffuser oil and Reed Diffuser Reeds are sold separately.

    Contains up to 450ml of diffuser oil.

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