Palm Seedpod

Ceramic ornaments with each piece is individually crafted by hand- no two are exactly alike.
  • Suitable for use in
    Cars, small living spaces, enclosed areas with good air circulation, or on desk tops.
    Low maintenance
    Does not require power source
    Scent Intensity: Gentle
    Scent Longevity: Short
      • Remove the ceramic ornament and wooden plate from the base with care.

      • Carefully pour your selected home scent into the ceramic jar.

      • Place the wooden plate onto the base.

      • Place the ceramic ornament into the jar, ensuring you string the cotton through the wooden plate and immersing in the diffuser oil. Over time, your favourite scent will diffused into the atmospheric air.

      • Enjoy the luxurious scent and therapeutic effects of your favourite essential oil!


    Ceramics are highly breakable; always handle the diffuser vase with care. Take extra caution to avoid spillage of essential oils or the diffuser oil onto plastic or painted surfaces. Essential oils can stain wood surfaces. Always clean the bottom of your diffuser before setting it on any surface.
  • Includes:
    Palm Seedpod ceramic ornaments (4pcs)
    Wooden Tray

    Home Scent diffuser refills are sold separately.