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3 Reasons Why You Must Use Peppermint Essential Oil

The health benefits of peppermint essential oil is well-documented way back to 1,000 BC. Although science has disproved some of the claims, the proven benefits of peppermint essential oil remains to be as steadfast as the pyramids in Egypt.

Here are three of the important benefits of this humble but effective essential oil:

1. Improves memory and alertness

    Peppermint essential oil in aromatherapy has been proven to not only relieve and calm people, it also helps raise alertness and memory. Its fragrant, menthol aroma can help heighten people into their senses and at the same time calm whatever anxiety they feel after a long day.

    The aromatic benefits of peppermint essential oil are more potent when you combine it with Lavender and Rosemary essential oils. Once combined in the right mix and put on a diffuser or use it as a massage oil, it helps make a person feel refreshed and spirited.

    2. Its cooling sensation treats respiratory ailments

      The most active ingredients in the peppermint plant includes menthol (35–45 percent) and menthone (10–30 percent). This is why it is a popular ingredient in treating cold and cough symptoms. Natural or over-the-counter medicine with peppermint essential oil as an ingredient offers a cool, almost camphoric relief in respiratory patients.

      People who are suffering from nausea to people needing to take a barium enema x-ray take solutions with peppermint essential oil to relax the colon and the gastric lining simply because it has the property that can reduce muscle spasms.

      3. Peppermint delivers more than just a good-smelling breath

        If you’re paying attention to toothpaste brands, a lot of them contain peppermint, and this is not an accident. Aside from the fact that its cooling properties gives the mouth fresh, clean sensation, the peppermint most toothpaste (and even mouthwash) brands are added there for a reason.

        The peppermint plant was found to have anti-microbial properties, which makes it an essential ingredient in personal hygiene products. If you do decide on taking the concentrated version, a study showed that peppermint essential oil not only helps and keeps your mouth cleaner than a manufactured chemical product (or rinse), but also eliminates bad bacteria that makes the breath bad in the first place.

        Any good dentist will tell you that bad breath is the result of sulfur-containing compounds found in most food (which dissolves within 24 hours after the food is fully digested). As such, bad breath can start in your digestive tract and stem from overgrowth of candida, yeast and other bad bacteria. Improving oral hygiene and making the proper dietary changes would be one thing, but keeping it at bay can be done with peppermint essential oil.

        Word of Caution

        Peppermint essential oil would be a wonderful addition to your medicine cabinet. However, you may want to check with your doctor if peppermint essential oil would counteract with whatever medicine (including multivitamins and other natural essential oils). This is because certain properties in peppermint essential oil may inhibit the drug’s effect on your body or worse, complicate the essential oil’s side effects.

        As some drugs include certain dosages of peppermint in the coating, taking the right dosage of peppermint essential oil will still result in an “overdose” of this essential oil, resulting to heartburn, allergic reactions, or anal burning during diarrhea bouts.


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