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HYSSES affiliate program

Share the Quality of Remedies through Aromatherapy

At HYSSES, we take pride in delivering superior natural remedies in pursuit to enhance the overall well-being of our customers. There is always something for everyone at our E-store.

Join our affiliate program, motivate your network to shop at HYSSES and earn a commission of at least 20%.

Gain access to over 20 over different categories with more than 60 different types of pure essential oils and natural botanical ingredients in our products. A perfect opportunity for bloggers, Instagrammers and social networkers in your country to work with a top brand and earn a healthy income.

"The HYSSES store was the realisation of dreams, passion, love and care.
That is the goal that drives me to this day."

Cheryl Gan

Founder of HYSSES

It's Simple and Easy

We will provide you the E-store platform for you to promote and attract online sales for Customers Worldwide. We will train and provide you with the consultation and advice concerning the Business to enable you to fulfill any obligations. While we handle all the ordering, shipping, and billing processes. We will equip you with the necessary tools you need to earn commissions. With over 1,000 assortments of 100% aromatherapy and naturopatic skincare, we make it easy to make choices you can trust. We deliver a quick, convenient, and hassle-free shopping experience, because we listen and we know what matters to you.


Earn commission on all products with all support and tools provided


Starting base of 20% commission on all qualified sales


Work with an industry leader with high brand recognition and reputable quality products


Attractive discounts and flat rate shipping cost to entice customers; innovative product offerings, exciting promotions, banners and creatives to promote sales


Allows balancing of family and work life. Earn money from doing what you love most


Monthly payout of commission will be issued to you

why choose HYSSES

Firstly, because it’s FREE and easy to join, and gives you the opportunity to earn money from doing what you love most, talking about beauty and natural living! You will also enhance the value of your website through providing relevant ads and offers to your visitors with the links, banners, and pictures that you will need. While you take care of the links and banners that you want to use on your site, we’ll take care of everything else: fulfillment, customer service and tracking the sales.

Click the link below to fill up a registration form and we will contact you once we have reviewed and approved your site.

What if I do not have my own website?

It’s ok. We will provide you with a coupon code which is your affiliate identity. You can use your social media or conduct house parties to outreach to your friends and family members. Just remind them to use your coupon code in order for us to know that the sales lead is from you. This will help us to process your commission. Most importantly, your customers will be able to enjoy the discount that is tagged to your coupon code.

What are the requirements to join?

To qualify for our affiliate program, you must be passionate about HYSSES. Promote your coupon code to build leads for your sales using our E-store.
Those with website or blog, your website /blog must meet the following criteria:
1. No offensive content (e.g. pornography, foul language, etc.)
2. No popup ads
3. No gambling or ads for gambling
4. No coupon/deals sites.
5. Strong Network Worldwide

Who can I talk to if I have a question about the affiliate program?

Email  and we will be happy to help!









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