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For more than 1,000 years, aromatherapy has been used to aid in finding relief from common health and wellness problems such as pain, sleep quality, stress, overcoming symptoms of depression, sore joints, even battling some effects of cancer.

This series of Wellness Guides are created with the intention to help you find a natural solution to improve your health and body, based on the latest scientific insights, research and direct feedback from our HYSSES customers.

The HYSSES repository of health and wellness guides, based on the latest scientific insights and research.


3 Reasons Why You Must Use Peppermint Essential Oil

3 Things You Should Know about Citronella Essential Oil

4 Essential Oils that May Work Better than your Insect Repellent

4 Essential Oils to Ease Headaches

5 Essential Oils for Better Sleep

5 Essential Oils for Diabetes Type 2

5 Essential Oils for Men's Health

5 Questions to Ask when Buying Essential Oils

5 Signs of Chronic Inflammation and How Essential Oils can Help

5 Uses of Eucalyptus Essential Oil 

5 Ways to Add Essential Oils into your Beauty Regimen

5 Ways to Use Essential Oils at Home

10 Facts You May Not Know About Essential Oil

Advice for Essential Oil Poisoning

All you Need to Know about Hinoki Essential Oil

Alleviating Headaches with Essential Oils

Are Essential Oils Good for my Skin

Balancing your Crown Chakra with Essential Oils

Balancing your Eye Chakra with Essential Oils

Balancing your Throat Chakra with Essential Oils

Best Essential Oils for Depression

Best Essential Oils for Stress Relief

Busting Anxiety with Aromatherapy

Busting Myths: Are Essential Oils Safe for Consumption

Can Essential Oils Substitute Standard Medications

Cleaning and Treating Open Wounds with Essential Oils

Deep Hydration with Jojoba Oil

Enhance Immunity with the King of Essential Oils

Enhance your Home Workouts with Eucalyptus Oil

Enhance your Life with Pure Essential Oils

Essential Oils and Chakras

Essential Oils and Erectile Dysfunction

Essential Oils and Exercise

Essential Oils as Hangover Cures

Essential Oils during Postpartum: How Safe is It

Essential Oils for Improving Mental Alertness in the Office

Essential Oils for Periods

Essential Oils for Pets: Yes or No

Essential Oils for Sports Massage

Essential Oils in History

Essential Oil Tips for Parenthood Part 1

Essential Oil Tips for Parenthood Part 2

Eucalyptus: Nature's Gift to Natural Joint Pain Relief

Guide Using Essential Oils during Pregnancy

Guidelines for Diluting Essential Oils

How are Essential Oils Made

How can Essential Oils Help Common Ageing Problems

How can Essential Oils Help the Elderly Feel Young Again

How can Sandalwood Improve your Work Week

How do I start using Essential Oils

How Frankincense Oil May Assist Skin Cancer Patients 

How Safe are Essential Oils

How to Blend Essential Oils

How to Buy Essential Oils and Tell if it's Pure or Fake

How to Choose the Best Essential Oil for Yourself

How to Cope with Memory Loss for Elderly Dementia

How to Tell if your Essential Oil has Expired

Importance of Essential Oils for Postpartum Period

Lose Weight with Grapefruit Oil

Most Hydrating Essential Oils for Dry Skin

Natural Cures for Most Common Ailments with Aromatherapy Oils

No More Motion Sickness with these Essential Oils

Quit Smoking with Essential Oils: A Smoker's Guide to Recovery

Remedies For Sinus Congestion

Risks and Dangers of Essential Oils

Say Goodbye to Skin Allergies with Sandalwood

Should I Use Essential Oils on my Baby

Soothe your Bug Bites with Essential Oils

Stay in the Pink of Health with HYSSES

Tackling the Cold Season

The Best (and Worst) Ways to Use Essential Oils

The Hidden Danger Behind Essential Oils

The Medicinal Wonders of Frankincense Essential Oil

Treat Inflammation with Essential Oils

Treat Injuries with Helichrysum Essential Oil

Treat Sunburns Naturally with Lavender

Unveil the Benefits and Uses of Lemongrass Essential Oil

Ways to Improve Lower Back Pain

What are HYSSES Remedies

What does your Favourite Essential Oil Say about You

What is Water-Based Essential Oil

Where Are Essential Oils From

Why are Some Essential Oils more Expensive

Why do some People still Ingest Essential Oils