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Importance of Essential Oils for Postpartum Period

Essential oils are known to provide not only pleasant scent in an environment, but also healing to our health in the most natural way possible. Essential oils can help to invigorate tired muscles, bring peace to stressed minds and alleviate all kind of pains and aches. Like a magic potion, essential oils can answer almost any health concern you face, strengthening your body, and improving overall wellness to your lifestyle.

In an average women's life cycle, they undergo many stages of hormonal changes, with pregnancy and postpartum being the biggest influence on hormonal changes. It is no doubt that hormonal change can be the cause of irritability, less-than-desirable skin, and even fluctuation of appetite. During these times, essential oils for postpartum help tremendously in the recovery period.

During the pregnancy period, many women exhibit the "pregnancy glow" due to the increase in hormones. But what happens during the postpartum period?

The postpartum period starts after the delivery of the baby. A mother may feel extremely overwhelmed at the responsibility of caring for her newborn, at the same time, they also have to deal with the dwindling of hormones, resulting in darker skin, hair loss and even depression.

Essential oils for postpartum

Here are some essential oils recommended for mums going through the postpartum period:

essential oils for postpartum



Mandarin relieves tension and nervous irritability, and is suitable for use on children and even during pregnancy. Mandarin also have detoxifying properties which helps to reduce stretch marks and fluid retention when applied on the skin with a carrier oil.

Suitable for: stretch marks, fluid retention, irritability

 essential oils for postpartum


Ginger is well known for its warming properties that stimulates sluggish circulation and dispel excess fluids. It is also particularly beneficial in treatment of musculosketal aches and pains.

Suitable for: fluid retention, tiredness

 chakras and essential oils


Jasmine is recommended for helping to lift the spirits of mums suffering from fatigue and "post-baby blues", and to help them get in touch with their sensual side once again. Jasmine's deep floral, sensual and heady scent can help to alleviate emotional stress and anxiety - this is especially helpful to new mums to prevent post natal depression.

Suitable for: postnatal depression, stress, anxiety

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