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No More Motion Sickness With These Essential Oils

Going on a trip but your stomach is churning at the thought of having to sit in the car, plane or boat for long periods during travelling? Many travellers suffer from nauseousness when they travel abroad, making the trip daunting. Who likes having to deal with being sick when travelling is meant to be fun?

What is motion sickness?

Motion sickness is caused when your body is in motion, but because you are inside of a vehicle, you you are unable to see or feel the motion, thus your body sends mixed signals to the brain, causing dizziness, lightheadedness, nausea and vomiting. Pregnant women and children are more susceptible to motion sickness.

Treatments are available to prevent motion sickness, or reduce the severity of what motion sickness can do to our body. There are also ways to prevent motion sickness, with the most common method being looking out the window to catch some fresh air. Having small lemon flavoured candies can also help with suppressing nausea caused by motion sickness.

Here are some of the best essential oils for motion sickness:

Ginger - Relieves queasy stomach and aids in digestive discomfort caused by motion sickness.

Lavender- Reduces symptoms of nausea and relaxes the body, putting the body at ease while travelling.

Chamomile - Dispels gastrointestinal issues and gas from the body. Also helps to calm the stomach muscles, allow food to pass freely.

Peppermint - Antispasmodic properties relaxes the digestive muscles and refreshes the spirit.

Lemon - Citric acid provides instant relief to a queasy stomach. Lemon also aids in diverting attention to more positive thoughts.

To use these essential oils, you can consider having a clay diffuser in the car or a refillable sachet with you to accompany through the trip. Simply add a few drops onto the diffuser on the clay diffuser or sachet and let it work its magic on you.

Alternatively, you can try easing motion sickness by applying pressure onto a pressure point known as the P6 points.

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The P6 points are located on the inner wrists of both arms, approximately 3 finger widths away from the wrist joint. This point is located exactly between the two central tendons running down from your wrist to the forearm. When pressed, you should be able to feel a slight tingling sensation - this should tell you that you have the right spot.

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 For maximum effect, try using HYSSES Peppermint Mini Massage Oil onto your P6 points to relieve motion sickness. Not only are they portable and convenient to carry about, these Mini Massage Oils are a great travel buddy to include in your future trips.

Now that you've read all about how essential oils can relieve motion sickness, you can finally travel at ease wherever you go!