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Based on statistics, 85% of men experience hair loss and 15% of women suffer from the same condition. Hair loss affects not only the overall look but also self-esteem, where people suffering from this condition will choose to wear caps to hide their baldness.

Causes of Hair Loss


Family history of hair loss or balding, and the overall ageing process.


Nutritional deficiencies that affect hair growth such as Iron, Zinc and Biotin.


 Thyroid diseases and infection such as ringworms that may damages the scalp and leading to hair loss.

To fight against hair loss, hair growth stimulants are used to speed up production of hair and stimulate hair growth. The result may take weeks to months before you can see the outcome. Before deciding on the right hair growth stimulants, consult a dermatologist to determine the cause of hair loss so that you will be able to address it correctly.

Rosemary (more info product) is named as one of the most effective hair growth stimulants with its scalp-stimulating elements. It helps to improve blood circulation in the scalp, preventing hair thinning and spot balding. To see a positive result, mix rosemary oil with jojoba oil and massage on the scalp daily.

An effective cleanser and deodorizer, Lemongrass (more info | product) reduces dandruff through soothing itchy and irritated scalp and strengthen hair follicles.
Peppermint, (more info | product) with its powerful antiseptic properties, also can be used to treat dandruff and lice.
Other essential oil used to promote hair growth are Tea Tree(more info | product), Patchouli(more info | product), Lemon, Clary Sage (more info | product) and Cedarwood.

Stress and anxiety are the few factors that contribute to hair thinning, and Lavender's (more info | product)calming and soothing scent helps the body to relax. You can prepare a hair rinse by boiling ¼ cup of dried lavender in 2 cups of water and adding a few drops of lavender oil. Rinse your hair with it and leave for 15 minutes. Clary sage (more info product) also aid in relieving stress and reduce cortisol level in the body, working as a remedy for stress-induced hair loss.

Hair products containing argan oil are beneficial to the hair follicles that promote new hair growth. High in Vitamin E, it contains antioxidants that revitalize the hair cells and encourage healthy hair growth. For hair that goes through chemical treatments and styling devices, argan oil is a great rescue to repair the damages done to the hair and scalp.

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Other Ways to Stimulate Hair Growth

  • - Oral hair growth stimulant: Our body requires vitals nutrients for new hair growth. A diet rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals is essential to healthy hair growth. There are cases where despite eating a balanced diet, we may not be getting the appropriate amount of essential nutrients needed to create healthy hair. Supplements and vitamins may be the solution, however it is best to be given under the supervision of a doctor to ensure the correct amount of intake. 
  • - Do regular hair massage and scalp exercise to allow blood circulation the hair follicles to receive all of the oxygen, nutrients and minerals that they need to grow. 
  • - Stress also contributes to hair loss, disrupting normal hair cycle and trigger hair fall. To strive for faster hair growth, manage stress level through meditation, exercising and getting enough rest to release the growth hormone.