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Pine – Benefits And Uses

Essential Oil Profile

Botanical Name: Pinus Sylvestris
Country of Origin: Europe
Extraction Method: Steam distillation
Scent Profile: Pine oils have strong, penetrating, fresh coniferous odours – their dominant constituents are called pinenes, and these are the most abundant terpenes in the natural world. Pine oils and their pinenes are used in many household cleaning products, so often the scent of pine essential oil provokes comments about how its odour is reminiscent of disinfectant.

Therapeutic Properties / Health Benefits

Pine essential oil has an energizing aroma that promotes positive energy and repels negative energy while providing a refreshing breathing sensation.

Pine oil provides a pile of profound health benefits in skin and hair care as well. Essential oil of pine relaxing effect on the physical and psychological level. It helps overcome pessimism and acquire believe in themselves. Pine oil is able to eliminate the aggression and impulsivity, reduce anxiety and stress.

Pine Essential Oil is said to have antibacterial properties that clean the skin by removing bacteria, excess oil, dead skin, and grime. This helps to prevent irritation, itching, and infection, which improves the natural smoothness and gloss of the hair. It adds moisture to the scalp and strands to prevent and eradicate dandruff, and it nourishes to keep the scalp and strands healthy.Pine Essential Oil is also one of the oils that has been linked to lice prevention.

Pine Essential Oil is said to relieve itching, inflammation, and dryness, control excessive sweating, prevent fungal infections, protect minor abrasions from infection, reduce the aging process, and improve circulation when used topically.

Therapeutic Properties

Health Benefits

Gives an energising, invigorating feeling Treats respiratory and pulmonary conditions
Useful for people suffering from loss of concentration and memory Defends against scurvy
Gets rid of bad destructive energy Cardiovascular stimulant


Effective acne treatment:Fights bacteria and fungus,Pineis also useful with a variety of skin conditions including psoriasis, warts, eczema and itching.

  • How to use for face care
    Add one drop ofessential oil to one dollop of your face cream or lotion and apply every two days. Do not be tempted to add more oil. Higher doses do not work better than regular applications.
  • How to use for body care
    Use no more than 4 to 5 drops for every 5ml of body lotion or carrier oil. Apply the mixture all over skin and pat dry or allow full absorption. Read more about essential oil dilution and how much you should mix.


Increase hair growth: Vitamin E, known for increasing hair growth is found in Pine essential oil. It keeps the scalp clean and free from dandruff.

Treats hair loss: Strong, thick and healthy hair can be achieved with Pine essential oil. Rich in proteins,Pine essential oil is good for treating hair loss and thinning hair.

How to use
Dilute 3 drops ofPine essential oil with 3 tbsp of carrier oil such as jojoba oil, or sweet almond oil and use in a scalp massage oil.


- In a nebuliser
- In an oil burner
- In baths or inhalation

Blends well with

Pine essential oil blends well with most citrus essential oils and also essential oils like Eucalyptus, Lavender, Rosemary and Clary Sage.

Caution/Side effects

Small children and elderly people should not be givenpine essential oilsince it may cause hypertension. It has also been known to cause breathing problems in large doses, so use with caution.

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