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Stay in the Pink of Health with HYSSES

Stay in the pink of health by giving your immunity a boost with HYSSES' essential oils. From Bergamot, Eucalyptus to Cinnamon, essential oils are must-haves at any time in the year. Be it for coughs, flu or a common cold, essential oils are a natural approach to alleviating symptoms associated with these illnesses. 

How to use?

To strengthen your immune system, add a few drops of essential oil into a diffuser such as a nebuliser and diffuse it inside your home or office. The nebuliser will disperse micro-droplets of essential oils into the atmosphere and scent up the area with a pleasant scent. Since nebuliser does not require dilution with water, it is also considered to be the most effective in releasing a more potent vapour, creating a more aromatic experience.

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Immunity-Boosting Essential Oils

Keep your body at its optimal performance all-year-round with these highly recommended essential oils:

Photo of Bergamot Essential Oil

With its distinctive, heady scent, bergamot helps both improve the body's immune response and cardiovascular function. 
Photo of Eucalyptus Essential Oil
Containing flavonoids and tannins, eucalyptus is essential in helping to relieve muscle aches and joint pain, as well as soothe symptoms of colds and nasal congestion. 
Photo of Cinnamon Specialty Oil
Contains anti-inflammatory properties that are helpful for fighting infections and repairing damaged tissue.
Photo of Tea Tree Essential Oil
Tea Tree
A natural disinfectant, Tea Tree is also great as a decongestant and its light scent is helpful in freshening up your living space!
Photo of Remedies, Immunity Booster
Immunity Booster 
A combination of Bergamot and Geranium oils, HYSSES' signature Immunity Booster is a must-have that helps to boost the immune system.