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COVID-19 - What are the alternatives to Hand Sanitisers & Face Masks?

It has been close to a month since news of the unknown coronavirus hit the media. Since then, the virus has been rapidly spreading across continents, infecting over 20,000 victims and counting. While the government has been doing their part in controlling the spread, there is no denying that the citizens of the country are worried.

When it comes to protection from bacteria and viruses, the go-to products are always the face masks and hand sanitisers. And this is indeed proven true as retailers and pharmacies have seen a sudden surge in purchases of these products. Because of this, the supply of these 2 products is failing to meet the demands of the buyers resulting in an islandwide shortage.

But, are these 2 products the only method of protection?

Alternatives for Protection against Viruses

Room Scents

Room scents or room sprays are quick and fuss-free methods for eliminating bacteria in the environment. Scents like Eucalyptus Rosemary has antibacterial and antiviral benefits that can help to get rid of all the nasty viruses that are floating in the atmosphere while relieving congestion and clearing sinuses. Research has shown that Peppermint also helps to kill certain strains of viruses.

Alternatively, you can make your own D-I-Y room spray if you prefer a more customized blend. This way, you can also control the potency of the scent, as well as the number of essential oils that goes into your own room spray.

To make your own room spray, simply fill an empty spray bottle with 3/4 distilled water and 1/4 witch hazel. Then add the desired essential oils of your choice. Ideally, you should have 15 to 20 drops of essential oil in a 100ml bottle.

    Using Essential Oils in a Diffuser

    When there's a crisis with the nation's immunity, you can put your diffusers at the forefront to tackle the viruses - only with the right essential oils.

    A water mist diffuser or a nebuliser can diffuse up to 400sq ft, perfect for a decently sized living room or a meeting room. If the place is air-conditioned, the water mist diffuser can also help to regulate the moisture level in the air, so it will not be too dry for comfort. Diffusers like these are also suitable for getting rid of mosquitoes, setting the mood as well as creating a stress-free environment in the office!

    Some essential oils you can use are: