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Normal skin type is characterized by:

No or few imperfection
No severe sensitivity
Even skin tone
Small pores

Essential Oils for Normal Skin

To retain this skin type, essential oils that are gentle, regenerative and restoring are suitable.

Here are some of the essential oils that are suitable for normal skin type:

Neroli (more info | product): Great addition to skin care regime as it makes the skin feel tight. It has antimicrobial properties that can fight off germs from the face.

Palmarosa (more info | product): An antibacterial oil that inhibits bacterial growth, preventing acne and blackheads by stripping away dirt from the skin.

Tea Tree (more info | product): Anti-microbial agent that kills bacteria and great for healing infections and relieving inflammations.

Geranium (more info product): Antifungal and antioxidant properties, help to improve blood circulation to get rid of dark spots and promote equal distribution of melanin.

Lavender (more info | product): Soothe and calm skin when stress takes a toll on the skin.

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Essential oils should not be applied directly onto the skin (with the exception of Tea Tree and Lavender). Always dilute essential oils into a carrier oil or cream before applying onto the skin.

Other Considerations

To maintain normal skin type for a long period of time, drink plenty of water. Foods with antioxidants are the best intake for the body to fight diseases and ageing by reducing damage and inflammation. Use natural skin products and non-toxic cleaning products for daily skincare routine and ensure that proper makeup removal is done before ending the night.