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Covid-19 Anxiety: Managing Anxiety About Being At Risk

This pandemic has changed a lot of things and one of them is definitely our emotions. These 2 months have been challenging and our emotions have been in a constant flux. One minute you think you’ve grown used to this quarantine and the next minute you’re having another mental breakdown. Your anxiety is spiking, and your worries are overwhelming. It has been a tough few months.

Now that the circuit breaker has come to an end, and most of us are allowed to go back to work, it can seem a little worrying, and it is okay to be worried.

For a start, since this pandemic is still going on, you can ease your worries and anxiety about being at risk by being more cautious.

  1. Bring that extra hand sanitiser with you

You might be worried that the end of circuit breaker means you are at more risk than when you were in quarantine. It is okay to be worried, which is why you can bring an extra hand sanitiser with you as a way to ease your nerves.

  1. Wash your hands every 2 hours

… and let your colleagues know that you are not overly worried… just incredibly cautious. You might get a few stares by going to the washroom every 2 hours to wash your hands but don’t let that stop you! One positive thing about this pandemic is that it made people realise how important maintaining a good hygiene is. So, wash your hands!

  1. Bring a disinfectant to the office

This may not be necessary since every office should have maintained their cleanliness and disinfect everything before you come back to work. However, if you are still worried about the germs that may be on your desk and chair, you can bring it just in case.

  1. Bring 2 extra masks (because one is never enough)

Masks are important! It is the only thing protecting you and everyone else around you. It is also a law that you have to wear a mask during this pandemic. So be sure to bring extras with you just in case you coughed or sneezed in your mask and needed a change! (or you can give it to the people who forgot their masks)

  1. Be sure to keep a safe distance

Even though the safe distancing stickers have been removed in public transports, that does not mean that you can start to pack yourself onto trains or buses like normal. It is incredibly important to still maintain a 1m safe distance away from people during this initial phase of the end of circuit breaker.

Doing all of these will give you a sense of being prepared, which will provide you with a sense of security. This will ease your anxiety and worries about being at risk when you step outside your house.

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