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Top 10 Gifts for Christmas

Christmas is a season of gifting, so what better way to spend the early Christmas than to shop for gifts for your loved ones? A trip to the mall and you'll be greeted with rows of shops decked in Christmas decor and a flurry of Red, White and Gold everywhere. While shopping for presents sounds like a fun idea, we've got people who are clueless of what are the best gifts for their friends, colleagues and loved ones. It seems like they have either given this gift last year, the year before, or they have received a similar gift before.

Let HYSSES be your personal shopper for Christmas! We've got gifts that are suitable for all ages, both genders, any profession and every household. Check out the top 10 gifts that HYSSES has for your gifting choices.

1. For Mum

Victoria Flower Electric Burner

Mothers always give us the best when we are growing up, so on this occasion, it is only right to reciprocate the favour by giving her the best too. An elegant burner like the Victoria Flower Bone China Electric Burner is a translation of purity, simplicity and timeless elegance - just like a mother's love. Pair it with any essential oil and you're all set for the perfect praise-worthy gift for dearest Mummy.

2. For Dad

Photo of Mini Travel Nebuliser

Unlike the tender loving mums that we are all familiar with, some Dads are stern on the outside but secretly sweet on the inside. For Dads like these, a Mini Travel Nebuliser is a petite yet sturdy gift for fathers who need a little warmth in their hearts. Suitable for cars, offices or even when travelling abroad, the Mini Travel Nebuliser is a versatile gift for all fathers alike.

3. For my child

Photo of Home Scent Diffuser - Eucalyptus Rosemary

Every parent wishes for their child to be healthy, but since good health is an intangible gift you can give to your child, a fuss-free home scent reed diffuser is one way you can protect your child from falling sick. The Eucalyptus Rosemary Home Scent is a popular choice among parents with young children as this scent is able to encourage better breathing, kill germs and viruses and promote a healthy respiratory system.

4. For my significant other

Frankincense Patchouli Facial Cleansing Oil

Skip the cliché diamonds and flowers for her this year. Instead of gifting something that's only nice to see, why not go for a gift that beautiful to the eyes, pleasant to the nose and beneficial for her skin? HYSSES has a wide range of all-natural skincare products from cleansing to masking. Pick any 3 and have them wrapped up by our friendly retail staff for a bespoke Christmas present for her.

5. For my colleagues

Photo of Carnation Flower Refreshment

Secret Santa is a common game between a large group of friends or colleagues where you pick out a person's name through a lucky draw, and you would have to buy a gift for that person on the day of the gift exchange. Normally done within a small budget, what's difficult about Secret Santa is there are times where you are stuck with deciding what will that person like. A safe choice would be a Scenting Clay - available in multiple designs from feminine florals to the seasons-inspired refreshments, scenting clays are great for office cubicles, personal lockers and even shoe cabinets. If you've got a higher budget, throw in a bottle of essential oil for a complete gift set.

6. For my boss

Ultrasonic Mist Diffuser

Christmas can also double up as a thanksgiving occasion, and apart from thanking your family and those closest to you, occasionally, your superiors or your bosses will come into in mind. It's easy to find gifts for those whom you are close to, but for those on a higher hierarchy, it may be a challenge. To thank your boss for the year's worth of guidance, you can show your appreciation by presenting a Water Mist Diffuser to them. A Water Mist Diffuser not only works as an aroma diffuser, but it also helps to humidify dry, air-conditioned rooms for better moisture and better health.

7. For my best friend

Cutie Scenting Clay Diffuser - Elephant

Besties are for life, that's true. And when you've been friends with your bestie for a long time, it can get increasingly hard to find a gift that you've never given him or her before. HYSSES launched new arrivals every year and if you are looking for something new, unique and interesting, why not go for the Elephant Cutie Clay Diffuser this year? Also, did you know that elephants symbolise friendship, power and longevity?

8. For my neighbours

Lucky Charm Scenting Clay

Depending on how chummy you are with your neighbours, you may want to give something out of appreciation and to also maintain good relations with one another. A Ceramic Lucky Charm should do the job - not only is it pleasant as wall decor, but its porous clay surface also makes a great scented diffuser for homes.

9. For the unexpected visitor

Photo of Vase Diffuser - Lily

It always happens when you least expected it, but don't let them catch you by surprise this time! Instead, you can turn the tables around by surprising your unexpected visitor with a gift. A Vase Diffuser adds a nice touch to any home or office setting as it is elegant yet intricate. For a cheaper alternative, you can also get a Classic 150ml Home Scent.

10. For myself


The last person you should be getting a gift for is no other than yourself. Take a break after a long arduous year of hard work, and reward yourself with nature's finest. Be it a spa session, a hair treatment or a nice, soothing body massage - you deserve it! Make every Christmas a rewarding experience for both your receivers as well as yourself!