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Aromatherapy Essentials for Long Haul Flights

Travelling to a different country may sound fun and exciting to some of us, but for those who have to buzz around different countries regularly, travelling isn’t something they normally enjoy. Imagine being confined to a single seat, breathing in a cabin full of recycled air, and having to experience swollen legs and backaches after landing – it’s a feeling no one wants to get after a flight!

Fortunately, HYSSES has prepared a list of products which you can bring onboard to survive long haul flights.

1. Mini Massage Oil

    Mini Massage Oil, Peppermint, 10ml

    This roll-on bottle is thoughtfully packed in a cloth drawstring bag which allows easy carrying into your pocket or any small compartment of your carry-on bag. Available in 5 different scents – Lemongrass when you need to stay focused and alert, Lavender Chamomile for a peaceful, uninterrupted sleep, Peppermint to ease cabin pressure-induced headaches, Bergamot Geranium to relieve symptoms of cold and flu, and Eucalyptus Rosemary for easing nausea. Roll onto your temples, neck, wrist point or simply sniff it whenever you need a fix.

    2. Lavender Essential Oil

      Lavender Essential Oil, 10ml

      Lavender Essential Oil is highly recommended when you travel because it can serve you in a multitude of ways. Not to forget, Lavender Essential Oil is also safe to apply neat onto the skin. If you have a piece of tissue or cloth with you, dab a few drops of Lavender and sniff to enjoy the calming scent. Lavender helps in deep relaxation and sleep during your flight. But the benefits do not just stop there! Use it for healing small cuts, bites, and even skin irritation. It’s a must-have for travellers!

      3. Hyaluronic Xetract

      Hyaluronic Xetract

      When you fly at 30,000 feet in the sky, the air in the atmosphere gets drier because of the low humidity levels. When the cabin air is dry, the first defence is to drink plenty of water to replenish the loss of fluids in your body. But, your skin is not spared from the effects of dry air. Hyaluronic Xetract serum can immediately solve this problem by keeping your skin plumped with water from within, while protecting skin from UV exposure from the sun.

      4. Hand Cream

        Bergamot Geranium Hand Cream

        Apart from your face, your hands should also be protected from the nasty cabin air. HYSSES Hand Creams are made with skin-loving ingredients which soften and smoothen your hands with added vitamins and minerals to keep your hands velvety smooth without any tacky after feel. Extend the goodness of the hand creams up to your elbows and knees too.

        5. Floral Mist

          Rose Floral Mist

          Floral mists can rehydrate skin, seal in moisture and nourish skin. Use Floral Mist as a lightweight moisturiser or as a toner by spraying all over the face and pat dry. Natural hydrosols also give skin a more radiant look while keeping skin fresh and hydrated. To use, mist your face liberally as needed. PRO TIP! You can use Floral Mist to set your makeup and remove the powdery finish of your foundation. Be sure not to hold the bottle too close else you will end up smearing your makeup.