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HYSSES Recommends Christmas Holiday Specials Under $50

It's the time of the year again when everyone is out in the malls looking for the best Christmas deals and suddenly giving gifts to your loved ones becomes a headache. Fret not, you can always turn to HYSSES for some unique, wallet-friendly gifts for Christmas.

1. Travel Gift Set, $21.90
Travel Gift Set (Body Wash & Lotion)

This handy travel kit is the perfect companion on holiday travels. Encased in an elegant box, the body wash and body lotion duo is a popular gift for both young and old. HYSSES also carries travel gift sets for massage oil and body wash, as well as, shampoo and conditioner. f you're at a crossroad on what to purchase, just let your noses make the choice because these travel gift sets come in different scents too.

2. Flower Refreshment Scenting Clay, $29.90

Photo of Gardenia Flower Refreshment

A delicate, hand-made flower sitting atop a wooden base. Nothing beats the sheer effort and skill put into creating such a beautiful ornament for practically anywhere - the bedside table, vanity table, the dashboard of the car and also on the office desk. Throw in an essential oil of your choice if you'd like to make it into a complete set for your gift. Otherwise, just the clay alone is already just as beautiful as the woman who's receiving this gift.

3. Yuan Yang Scenting Clay Trinket, $39.90

Photo of Yuan Yang Scenting Trinket

A newer improved scenting clay for those who are not around their desks often. The scenting clay now sits inside a feminine ceramic trinket, the added feature of this scenting clay is that you can close the lid of the trinket, confining the scent of the essential oil in the trinket. This allows the scent to stay on for longer periods of time before having to refresh the clay with more essential oil.

4. Cutie Scenting Clay Diffuser Bear, $49.90

Photo of Cutie Clay Diffuser - Bear

Sure, you've heard of and seen reed diffusers. Those tall lanky bottles with a bunch of sticks jutting out like straws out of a glass. Not exactly pretty to look at, isn't it? Bringing a fancier alternative to the table is HYSSES Cutie Clay Diffuser, it uses the same diffuser liquid as reed diffusers, but except using reed sticks, you now have a cute, porous teddy bear diffusing the scent for you. These clay figurines are porous, so it can absorb the diffuser liquid from the ceramic container beneath and spread it to the surrounding environment. Now that's cute and functional at the same time.

5. Ginger Lemongrass Beeswax Candle 100g, $32.90

Ginger Lemongrass Beeswax Candle

Candles are common gifts for any occasion, including Christmas. But what makes HYSSES' candles stand out is that it uses natural beeswax instead of paraffin or vegetable wax. You may wonder why is this important, but did you know that paraffin is a petroleum-based by-product of crude oil? Also, even though soy and palm wax are from vegetable matter, both soy and palm wax are from vegetable matter, and similar to paraffin, they have to be processed to obtain their wax. On the other hand, beeswax is created by bees without any needs of processing, making it 100% natural.