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What is Acne?

Acne is most common in teenagers during their puberty age. Many of them find acne very depressing as they are concerned about their appearance. Acne is a condition that requires an integrated therapeutic approach to unblock pores, decrease bacteria in sebum, decrease sebaceous gland activity and keep the affected area free of oil as possible.

Causes of Acne

Hormones that cause the sebaceous glands to enlarge and produce more sebum
Stress, which can worsen acne
Wrong choice of cosmetic products
Medication including lithium and corticosteroids

The Management of Acne with Essential Oils

Essential oils are helpful in the management of acne through:

  • Clearing the infection
  • Reducing sebum production
  • Promote healing and reduction of scarring
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Reducing stress and anxiety
  • Helping the body eliminate toxins

Antiseptic properties of Tea Tree (more info | product) are well known for the treatment of Acne. Clinical trials using 5% tea tree solution were found to demonstrate similar beneficial effects as a 5% benzyl peroxide in acne, but with fewer side effects. For moderate to severe acne case, a stronger dosage of 15% of tea tree will yield better results.

To use tea tree as an essential oil for acne, add 2–3 drops directly to the area of concern. Tea tree can also be added to your daily face or body wash or it can be added to a spray bottle filled with water and spritzed on the face or body.

Other essential oils known for their antiseptic properties that may be used in Acne treatment includes:

Essential oils such as Geranium (more info | product) and Palmarosa (more info | product) balance sebum production. Rose (more info| product) and Sandalwood (more info| product) are effective anti-irritant and their cooling properties helps to soothe redness and assist in the healing of scars. Clary Sage (more info | product) and Lavender (more info| product) reduces skin inflammation and works as a natural remedy for acne and skin irritations. Researchers believe that an increase in acne may be due to higher levels of sebum that are produced in times of stress; therefore, lavender essential oil serves as a powerful tool because of its stress-reducing capabilities.

To alleviate feelings of stress that can trigger the production of sebum, diffuse 5 drops of lavender oil at home or apply topically to the wrists, back of neck or temples. To kill bacteria that is clogging your pores and causing acne, apply 1–3 drops of clary sage oil to the area of concern.

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Last Note

On top of managing Acne with essential oils, you must also ensure that your skin is free from irritants that may be resulted from cosmetics or improper facial cleansing. This includes avoiding creamy cosmetics, picking and squeezing blackheads, and touching the affected areas with unclean hands.