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Face Care for Acne-Prone Skin

Skincare is a really broad topic. If you are a beginner, you may not know where to start. Skincare is so personal and different for each person that there is no guarantee that what works for your best friend may work for you, even if you have the same skin type or general skin concerns. The way your skin handle products differ from other people. Which is why it can be very difficult for a lot of people to find their footing in this skincare world.

The first step to finding your way to healthy and glowing skin is to know what type of skin you have. Be it oily, acne-prone, sensitive, dry or combination. Knowing this will make your life easier as it narrows down the kind of products or ingredients you should generally avoid.

For people with this skin type, it can be tough to find a product that works. Mainly because one wrong ingredient can trigger a new cluster of breakouts.

But luckily, there is one known holy grail that is for acne-prone skin; tea tree oil!
Tea tree oil contains anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. This means that it can relieve irritated skin, reduce swelling and kill microorganism that causes your acne. Constant use of tea tree oil in your skincare routine will be sure to smooth out your breakouts in no time.

However, it is important to note that tea tree oil can be drying. Providing moisture back into your skin after using tea tree oil is vital. Either use a separate hydrating product or look for a tea tree oil product that also contains hydrating ingredients.
If you are unfamiliar with tea tree oil, it is best to start with a facial wash, since it is a wash-away product.

This way, you are not actually committing to the new ingredient, but you also get the benefits of said ingredient. From there, you can continue to experiment and include more tea tree oil products ranging from toners to spot treatments, depending on how well your skin handles the ingredient.


HYSSES’ Tea Tree Hinoki Facial Wash contains tea tree oil, witch hazel and willow bark, all of which will aid in controlling sebum production and preventing breakouts. The added vitamin E and jojoba oil will ensure that your skin will be hydrated and soft, giving it a healthy glow after each use.

You can get your hands on this facial wash at our retail outlets or eStore

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