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Dengue: Protecting Yourself At Home

When it comes to preventing dengue, sometimes a repellent may not be enough. You need to start taking care of your home and ensure that there are measures in place to prevent Aedes and dengue.

In addition to doing the Mozzie Wipeout and taking care of the overall tidiness at home, you can add on Home Scents to keep the mosquitoes out and repel them. Taking these measures at home is incredibly important, especially if you have elderly or young children staying with you.

You can find Citronella in a lot of mosquito repellents on the market as it is a common ingredient. But if you prefer a natural repellent without all the added chemicals in case of any sensitivities or medical conditions anyone in your family has, you may want to look at a more natural option.

Home Scents like Citronella is a good option as the aroma of it naturally repels mosquitoes. It is recognised as a non-toxic bio-pesticide, which means that it is safe for the environment and pets (if you have any). It is also a safer alternative to DEET (diethyltoluamide), a common active ingredient in repellents.

It does not only repel mosquitoes, but also any other insects like ticks, fleas and flies. Citronella can provide protection for up to 2 hours, if applied topically (diluted with a carrier oil, of course). But with a Citronella Home Scent, you do not have to worry about applying it over and over again every couple hour. You can let it diffuse in your home, providing protection to everyone in the family instantly, effectively and comfortably for several hours, or until it runs out.

HYSSES’ Citronella Home Scent Reed Diffuser and Home Scent Refill contains all the good ingredients for a natural mosquito repellent. It also contains an added Lemongrass oil, which is also amazing at repelling mosquitoes. The scent of Lemongrass and Citronella are both pungent for mosquitoes which deters them from attacking you.

Citronella Home Scent Reed Diffuser
Available in 60ml, 150ml and 450ml
$39.90 – $109.90

You can get your hands on this at our eStore now to ensure you have added protection from dengue.

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