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Easy Essential Oil Blends for Christmas

Christmas is the perfect time to bring out the wondrous scents of essential oils. Share the holiday spirit with the scent of warm ginger spices, freshly cut pine trees and the refreshing smell of peppermint candy canes.

If you are staying in a tropical country where snow never happens, fret not! You can always make use of the power of essential oils to create a Christmas-like experience for your guests.

Essential oils can make a lot of difference when it comes to setting the atmosphere. You can create a warm, cosy environment on cold nights with warming essential oils like Ginger or to liven up the place, citrus and mints like Peppermint helps to boost the mood.

If you are hosting a Christmas party, try using a nebuliser in the area to spread the scent so all your guests can have a whiff, or if you prefer a peaceful Christmas night, a candle burner will do just the trick.

Here are some essential oil blends you can try for this Christmas season!

Winter Wood

Fir Balsam – 2 drops
Hinoki – 2 drops
Cinnamon – 1 drop

Candy Cane

Peppermint – 3 drops
Vanilla – 2 drops
Rosemary – 1 drop

Ginger Spice

Ginger – 5 drops
Cinnamon – 2 drops
Grapefruit – 3 drops
Frankincense – 1 drop

Cinnamon Treat

Fir Balsam – 6 drops
Orange – 3 drops
Bergamot – 2 drops

Holiday Joy

Frankincense – 3 drops
Orange – 2 drops
Peppermint – 2 drops
Pine – 2 drops

New Year’s Dinner

Rosemary – 4 drops
Lavender – 4 drops
Lemon – 2 drops

Silent Night

Neroli – 4 drops
Pine – 2 drops
Ylang Ylang – 1 drop

Christmas Warmth

Frankincense – 4 drops
Bergamot – 3 drops
Geranium – 2 drops