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Essential Oil Tips for Parenthood Part 1

Parenthood is tough when you have to juggle your work, social life and family and many other commitments all at the same time. So, to make parenthood much easier, HYSSES have started an essential oil tips series which will help you save time and effort.


Lemon Essential oil

There will be times when your child does not like the food or does not want to take medicine. What do they do? They vomit on the floor. After cleaning up, dissolve 5 drops of lemon essential oil in water in a 50 ml spray bottle. Then, proceed to spray the liquid on where the stain previously was. Lemon oil has disinfectant properties and works well as a household cleanser. It will remove any lingering bacteria and smell of the vomit. It can also be used on areas with bad odours such as the garbage, shoe cabinets etc.

Lavender and Frankincense Essential Oil

Does your children have trouble sleeping at night? Diffuse lavender and frankincense essential oil together during the night before your children go to sleep. Add about 15-20 drops of each oil to the diffuser. These two oils helps reduce mental tension, treats insomnia and anxiety. This will calm your children down which helps them fall asleep faster and it also improves the quality of their sleep.

Tea tree, Lavender or Frankincense Essential Oil

Children tend to get injured very often and there are a few essential oils that helps speed up the healing and disinfects the wound at the same time. Tea tree oil has powerful antiseptic properties and ability to treat wounds. Frankincense oil tones and regenerates skin while eliminating toxins. Lavender oil also helps to treat wounds. Add 10 drops of the essential oil to 15-25 ml of a carrier oil such as jojoba oil before applying it on the skin. Do test a few drops of oil on your child’s skin and wait a few minutes to see if your child has any allergic reactions to it.



These tips will make it easier for you to look after your children and ensure they lead a healthy life. However, it is important to consider if your children has allergies to the ingredients in the essential oils. Keep a lookout for the next part of this series. 

This is not a substitute for professional medical advice, do consult a medical expert when in doubt.

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