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Lucky Scents for Chinese New Year

We all know that scents are effective in changing up the atmosphere of a place. Scents encourage balance, harmony and strength, but they also promote calmness, tranquillity and security. It is common for our noses to pick up fragrances in spas and resorts because these places are meant for relaxation, and the whole idea of using these fragrances is to allow you to lose your tension and drift off to a peaceful sleep. In restaurants, the aroma of freshly cooked dishes makes you salivate, and you end up ordering more than your stomach can handle.

That is the power of scents.

This Chinese New Year, bring the power of scents to your home for a boost in your feng shui. If you are interested in making your house smell great for the guests, here are some lucky scents you can have around your house.


Photo of Vanilla Absolute (30%)

Use Vanilla in the entrance of your home to improve the well being of yourself and your guests. Vanilla promotes a stress-free environment, and stress is something you should leave behind when you step into a home. On top of that, don't you agree that vanilla is everyone's favourite scent during childhood? It smells just like ice cream!

If you find that Vanilla is tad too sweet for your liking, you can opt for HYSSES's Stress Relief Remedies. It is a blend of Vanilla and Grapefruit so you get to enjoy a citrus-sweet fragrance that's not too overpowering.


Photo of Cinnamon Specialty Oil

Cinnamon represents intellect and having this scent in your home helps to facilitate conversations among people. This is particularly useful when you have large groups of people attending a function in your home whom you are having difficulty striking a conversation with. 


Photo of Peppermint Essential Oil

When your mood is down, or you feel exceptionally restless, a minty scent like Peppermint is just like a reassuring pat in the back. This scent is perfect for study rooms or on occasions where you have to stay up for some last-minute spring cleaning action.


Photo of Lavender Essential Oil

No home is complete without the smell of flowers. But, if there is no flowers insight, why not substitute with some floral-scented essential oils instead? There are also roses, jasmine and geranium that can make up for the absence of real flowers. Floral scents do wonders for relaxation so the bedroom is the best setting for this oil.


 Photo of Orange Essential Oil

A citrus scent like orange is ideal for the kitchen because it not only masks the smell of odours but also creates a lively atmosphere in its surrounding. For a happy occasion like Chinese New Year, you can amplify the joy in your home with this scent.