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Smelling certain essential oils can help to curb appetite and provoke alertness and energy in the brain. Some essential oils also work with the body’s endocrine system to still hunger pangs and give the metabolism a little boost. While effective weight control must include some combination of diet and exercise, aromatherapy can combat the stress associated with the battle of the bulge and be an enjoyable component to a lifestyle that focuses on clean eating and healthy fitness.

Natural Appetite Suppressants

Here are some essential oils that can be used as an appetite suppressant:

Bergamotmore info  |  product
This sweet smelling essential oil is known to be a natural anti-depressant, as well as being packed with polyphenols which help your body burn more sugar and stored fat.

Peppermint - more info | product
Studies show that peppermint essential oil stimulates the brain’s satiety centre, which will prevent overeating. It will also aide indigestion.

Cinnamon - more info| product
Supresses your appetite but increase your metabolism as well. Cinnamon will help your body break down sugar and use them for energy, rather than store it as fat in your hips.

Lemon - more info product
Encourages the breakdown of fat and help stop weight gain. Lemon also supports the liver in detoxing the body. When combined with grapefruit oil, lemon oil supported lipolysis (breaking down of body fats) creating a "suppression in body weight gain."

Yuzu - more info | product
Helps to remove toxins, dissolve fat, lessen cellulite, prevent bloating, and curb the appetite as well as increase energy levels

Grapefruit - more info | product
Contains naringin, a flavenoid that has been studied because scientists say it increases metabolism and that's one of the reasons that Grapefruit is used for weight loss.

Orange - more info | product
Smelling orange oil relaxes the parasympathetic gastric nerve, the body’s main mechanism that activates ghrelin-induced feeding (our body’s natural process of having food cravings).

Contains a compound called gingerols which decreases inflammation in the intestines, improving overall absorption of vital nutrients and potentially preventing diseases.

Sandalwood - more info | product
Supresses feelings of negativity and bring a sense of calm for an emotional eater. By balancing your emotions, you'll stop turning to food to feel good, and better help support your weight loss goals.

Frankincense - more info | product
Speeds up the rate at which bile and gastric juices are secreted which positively affects the metabolic rate and helps weight loss.  It can also stimulate peristaltic motion which helps food move properly through the intestines, improving overall digestion.

Vanilla - more info| product
The natural smell of vanilla stimulates the release of the brain chemical serotonin, a hormone that promotes feelings of satisfaction and happiness.

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Other Therapeutic Considerations

Vitamin B3 deficiency is often associated with anxiety and depression. Vitamin B3 is metabolised into the amino acid tryptophan that has mild sedative qualities. Mineral deficiencies of calcium and magnesium are likely to lead to nervousness and depression. Some precautions to take are to avoid alcohol, caffeine and processed foods. High fat intake can also contribute to depression through slowing the metabolism. For women, there is the additional complication of premenstrual syndrome and post-natal depression.

Eating the right food plays a critical role in your memory. For instance, curry, celery, broccoli, cauliflower, and walnuts contain antioxidants and other compounds that protect your brain health and may even stimulate the production of new brain cells. Increasing your animal-based omega-3 fat intake and reducing consumption of damaged omega-6 fats (think processed vegetable oils) in order to balance your omega-3 to omega-6 ratio, is also important for brain health.