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Best Travel Companions for a Well Scented Trip

Jetsetting across the globe can be a fun and exciting experience, especially if you're going away for a holiday. But not everyone who travels gets to go on holidays - some travel for work and others are going abroad to visit their loved ones whom they haven't seen in a long time.

Whatever the reason, travelling on a plane involves having to sit upright, with your legs unstretched and your body reaching up to 35,000 feet in the sky. We are talking about potential cosmic radiation, edema, dehydration, nausea and achy muscles here!

Packing Essentials for Your Flight

The 101 basic checklist for everyone's plane flight is usually the same with items such as your travel itinerary and important documents, a book or a music player to keep you entertained and a neck pillow for some sleep support. If you take a look around you, your peers are most probably lugging the same items you have in your backpack.

While it is always advisable to always pack light in your carry-on with only your necessities in tow, you should always standby some items that you will need during unforeseen travel hiccups. Here are some products which you may not think to pack in your carry-on, but they are extremely useful in times of crisis.

1. Lavender Essential Oil

Photo of Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender essential oil is the mother of all oils - it possesses almost all the qualities you need in one bottle and is also safe to use on young children, sensitive skin, and older passengers. Lavender essential oil keeps you feeling calm during takeoff and landing, it allows you to have better sleep, despite the space constraints and keeps headache and nausea, a common travel ailment, at bay. Lavender essential oil can also be applied to the skin undiluted (but it is still recommended to mix with a bit of carrier oil when using on children), to enhance the respiratory system, and allow ease of breathing when in an enclosed environment like the aircraft.

2. Floral Mist

Photo of Rose Floral Mist

In case you haven't heard, here's a quick fact for you. The humidity up there *points straight up to the sky* is much much lower, this means that your skin will dry out faster than when you are on the ground.

Apart from drinking water to hydrate yourself, you should also work on taking care of your skin because you will also lose moisture from the skin, and I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want to exit the plane with dry lips, skin and face. To prevent this, use a hydrating overnight mask on the night before your flight so your skin is fully prepped for travel. In the plane, take out your floral mist and spritz over your face once every few hours to retain the moisture.

3. Hand Sanitiser

Photo of Lemongrass Hand Sanitiser

Germs. We all hate it. But there is no way to avoid it when you're onboard the plane. Fret not, that's where hand sanitisers come in handy. Apply some hand sanitiser over your palms before you board the plane, and reapply periodically to keep up the sanitization, especially after visiting the lavatory. Hand sanitisers are not only protectors for your skin, but they also keep your hands feeling fresh and cool for a worry-free journey.

Be careful not to overapply as they can dry out your skin pretty quickly, so its best to apply only after a few hours has passed.

With these travel essentials, your flight will be an enjoyable one.