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Natural Benefits of Using Handmade Natural Soap

Many soaps on the market today are not real soaps by definition instead they are chemical detergents created from petroleum based products. These commercialised soaps contain ingredients which are processed and radically changed by high energy processes. It is common to feel a dryness or itchiness after a shower with these products.

What is a handmade natural soap?

Handmade natural soaps are made in small batches with care by the soap maker. High quality ingredients and pure essential oils are used to create unique formulas. Each handmade soap bar is not only natural but functional, safe, luxurious and gentle to the skin. Especially for those with skin sensitivities, they find handmade bars to be nurturing and beneficial.

Let’s find out what are the natural benefits of using handmade natural soaps.

Handmade Soap Contains Glycerin

Glycerin is a natural skin emollient that attracts water from the surrounding air. Glycerin is a bi-product created during the soap making process, it is kind to skin and helps to keep it moisturised. Because of this, it is highly prized in soaps, lotions and creams for maintaining moisture in the skin throughout the day. However, glycerin is usually removed by commercial soap producers and sold to the cosmetics industry. Handmade soap unlike commercial alternatives retains the glycerin that is made during saponification alleviating dryness and acting as a natural lotion. This resulted in a naturally moisturising soap to nourish the skin!

100% Superior Natural Ingredients

The very best reason to use handmade soap is the superior ingredients used in soap making. Natural handmade soaps use all natural ingredients with no harsh chemicals. Typically handmade soaps are made of pure essential oils, vegetable oils and butters that are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients that are essential to healthy skin. Pure essential oils are also added during the process to give the natural aroma and therapeutic effects.  Most importantly, when natural oils are used in commercial soap making, it is not pure essential oil which is used but a material referred to as soap stock.  The soap stock is a byproduct of the process which purifies raw vegetable oil into edible oil.  The contaminants that are not allowed in edible oil end up in the soap stock, and then in commercial soaps. Commercial soaps are made of detergents, sodium laureth sulphate, sodium lauryl sulphate and synthetic ingredients that may dehydrate, age skin and trigger allergic reactions leaving your skin feeling dry and tired. Handmade soaps are crafted from all-natural ingredients that are 100% healthy for use on all skin types and designed to lock in moisture.

Therapeutic effects

Natural handmade soaps offer aromatherapy therapeutic benefits. Handmade soaps use pure essential oils to create their scents. The benefits of aromatherapy can help with everything from stress relief to boosting your immune system! For example, if you have insomnia issues, you can consider using Lavender handmade soaps to promote good sleep and relieve stress.

Customisable Soap Bar

Handmade soaps give you the perfect combination of ingredients you need! You can always customise the handmade soap based on your need and like, if you suffer from dry skin, we can add a little more oil or a little more shea butter to come up with the very best blend. If you have body acne issues, we can always use tea tree essential oil during the soap making.  No matter your skin type or personal preferences, there are always various ways to create your favourite handmade soap that your skin and senses love.

Your Skin Will Thank You!

Your skin will benefit from using handmade soap that is created with natural oils and butters instead of one made with of synthetic chemicals and detergents. After using handmade soap your skin should feel soft and supple, not dry and tight as it is often the case after using commercial soaps. When you take a look at the average store shelf, almost every standard bar you see will be loaded with artificial colours, synthetic lathering agents and so many chemicals the likes of which you wouldn’t normally choose to bathe in.  The skin is the body’s most important natural defence when it comes to a wide variety of harmful agents, substances and external influences. With a glorious list of natural ingredients, essential oils and nourishing natural extracts, natural soaps deliver a rich dose of antioxidants in order to ensure the skin is as capable and well-protected as it can possibly be.

Great for the Environment

Other than being harmful for your skin, when a commercial soap bar was being used, it not only dry out your skin Instead, it then heads out of your home and once again works its magic on the environment, polluting rivers and streams. By contrast, whereas natural soaps are as kind to the environment as they are to your skin. 

Handmade natural soaps can be nothing less than a work of art and are the kind of thing that’s a pleasure to buy and a real joy to use. Discover the joy of happy and healthy skin just the way you like it!