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BlackPink's Guide to Keep Your Skin Healthy

Recently, a Korean girl group has been becoming increasingly influential. It’s none other than BLACKPINK. Their songs may have made them famous but their extraordinary looks have turned many people into Blinks (term used for BLACKPINK’s fans). Don’t you want to know the secrets to their beauty? Continue reading to find out more.

 1. Focus on skincare rather than makeup

Jisoo, one of the members, has a very small amount of makeup in her cosmetics bag. This is because she thinks that it is better to focus on skincare rather than makeup.

2. Regular cleansing of the skin

Rose says that cleansing is the most important factor in maintaining her beautiful skin. I recommend our facial wash category which uses natural ingredients and has a range of products that is suitable for all types of skins ranging from oily, acne prone skin to aging, pigmented skin. Our various facial washes offer benefits such as fading scars and marks, making your skin glow and look youthful and keeping your skin matte and shine-free. Our facial cleansers will bring out all the potential in your skin and make you look beautiful.

3. Use facial masks

Jisoo’s skin may look perfect but she disclosed that she actually has dry skin. But, she will use facial masks frequently, up to 3 times a day, to consistently moisturise her skin. We recommend our face masks, particularly the tea tree hinoki charcoal volcanic mask which has won the “Best Facial Mask” award in Beauty & Wellness 2019. It gives you a clearer, brighter and firmer complexion and reduces pores in the skin. We recommend complementing it with our facial cream or beauty oil for maximum skin hydration.

4. Stick to products that complement your skin

Rose only uses products that she knows complements her skin. This is because we need to consider if the product is suitable for our skin and whether our skin is sensitive to it. HYSSES’ facial products use natural ingredients and we promise that there is no toxins or harmful chemicals in our products thus they are suitable for everyone. However, you may need to consider if your skin has any allergies to any particular ingredient in our products.


That sums up the golden rules that BLACKPINK idols follow to keep their skin fresh and beautiful. To achieve that level of beauty in your skin, you need to focus on cleansing your skin to get rid of bacteria and excess oil, using facial masks for hydration and only using products that are suitable for your skin to prevent allergic reactions and breakouts. Lastly, do not hate yourself for having “imperfect’ skin. As you have read, even Jisoo does not have perfect skin. We are human, it is normal for us to have defects.

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