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What Scent Should I Use For My Home?

Looking for a suitable Home Scent to diffuse in your home but can’t decide on what scent to get? Here are some great recommendations you can try to scent up your space!


No matter where you are headed to during the day, the bedroom is always the place you check into before the day ends. For a room, which you will spend most (any many) of your nights in, you should find a scent that is able strip you off your daytime frenzy and put you into a complete state of rest. Choose destressing scents such as Lavender, Rose or Vanilla which can help to improve your quality of sleep, or if you want a scent that can get you in the mood, natural aphrodisiacs such as Jasmine or Ylang Ylang work just fine.

Study Room or Home Office

Essential oils can not only be used to create relaxing environment, they can also be used to increase blood flow to the brain, improving concentration, memory and mental alertness. Rosemary is a powerful scent which is proven to boost memory while making users feel more alert at work. With the right scent, overall cognitive ability can be significantly enhanced, improving performance at school or during work.


For a place where the aroma of savoury food originates, sometimes, residual smells from cooking such as smoke, grease and gas will linger even after a cooking session. For small apartments, opening the windows might help with the ventilation or air, but it will take a long time for the pungent smell to fully clear out. Try diffusing herbaceous and spicy scents like Lemongrass, Cinnamon or Basil in the Kitchen to eradicate the odour. For a more thorough odour kill, close the Kitchen doors, open your windows and diffuse through the night.


You can ever go wrong with citrus based scents in your bathroom. Orange, Grapefruit and Lemon make great bathroom deodorizers. Not only are they fresh scented, they can also help to eliminate unwanted germs in the environment. Another scent for consideration is Pine, known for its antibacterial capabilities, the scent of Pine can provide a feeling of cleanliness and refresh to any bathroom.

Living Room

The living room is a very dynamic place as it can be transformed into a place of gathering when your friends and relatives visit (think Chinese New Year) or it can be a place of tranquil and calamity. Depending on the type of activity, choose scents that will match the vibe. If you want to amp up the atmosphere, Bergamot is a great choice as it can induce happiness and at the same time, relieve stress. For a more relaxing atmosphere, Lavender or Sandalwood can help with that.


Besides the home, you can also use Home Scents for places such as your work or even your car. Experiment with different scents and find one that appeals to you. Also, different diffusers have different coverage areas, therefore it is highly recommended that you check out the area you wish to diffuse before investing in a Home Scent of your choice.