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Pregnancy is a joyous period for the expecting mother, however, sometimes during the journey of pregnancy, some mothers-to-be experience a number of conditions related to pregnancy that may cause various degree of discomfort and even distress.

Essential oils in such situation plays a valuable role in reducing the stress felt by expecting mothers, when used cohesively with an appropriate form of massage, aromatherapy treatments can help ease the discomfort of pregnancy and the muscles tension that is related to the increased weight of the baby. 

What Essential Oils Can I Use During Pregnancy?


A massage will provide relief from pain and help to tone muscle which are supporting the increased weight. To facilitate back massage for a pregnant mother, she should sit forward over a straight-backed chair leaning onto a cushion.

Fatigue and Insomnia

Increased weight and conditions resulting in physical discomfort, coupled with anxiety may lead to fatigue and inability to go to sleep or get sufficient sleep. To overcome fatigue, use essential oils in bath, massage or diffusing them, can help pregnant mothers to feel more relaxed and hopefully assist in sleep.

Leg Cramps

 Leg cramps in pregnancy usually worsen as the pregnancy progress. Try using this formula in a warm foot bath to relieve cramps:

 Morning Sickness

Morning Sickness is a positive sign to indicate pregnancy. This shows that the placenta is sited. It is believed to affect 50% of women during the first trimester. Four to five drops of essential oils may be used as an inhalation or used as a compress over the stomach.

Stretch Marks 

They are caused by excessive and rapid weight gain typically associated with pregnancy. It appeared when the skin becomes over-stretched and the fibres in the deep layers tear.  When stretch marks appears, they are permanent even though they can become less prominent over time.

Preparing for Birth

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Aromatherapy can be of great help during childbirth. Some essential oils strengthen and deepen contractions while also having an analgesic effect. In the labour ward, an anxiety-free atmosphere can be created with the help of diffusing calming and soothing essential oils.