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What does combination skin look like?

Combination skin is a combination of both dry and oily skin types. Signs of this skin type is that areas of the "T-zone" mainly the forehead, nose and chin would likely be oily, while the area outside of this zone is dry and potentially flaky.

Combination skin causes

The causes of combination skin type are commonly genetic. Another possible reason would be the use of incorrect skin-care products. Products that contain irritating ingredients can stimulate the sebaceous glands, causing more oil production in the T-zone. At the same time, it may aggravate skin dryness on other parts of the face.

Essential Oils for Combination Skin

Ylang Ylang (more info | product): Balances hormones and the opposing combinations in the skin

Patchouli (more info | product): Anti-inflammatory, reduce redness and calm skin

Lavender (more info | product): Antimicrobial and antioxidant properties to treat excess sebum

Sandalwood (more info | product): Retain skin’s moisture, help reduce damage by free radicals

Bergamot (more info  |  product): Slow down production of oil for sebum overproduction skin and clean the skin by disinfecting it from bacteria and toxin.

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Additional Skincare Tips

To help regulate oil production in the skin, use Jojoba oil to control and rebalance oil production. It also provides the moisture and hydration the skins need. Jojoba oil can be used additionally to your moisturizer especially at nights when you want to feel your skin more hydrated. Also, at times when your skin feels dry, especially in cold weather conditions or after a bath, jojoba oil can help it stay balanced and non-irritated.

Stop using soaps as it dries up your skin and can also cause irritations which further aggravate your skin problems. Opt for a gentle cleanser which suits the combination skin type to rebalance the skin's pH level. Keep clear of alcohol-based and chemical fragrant products as it can strip the skin of its natural oil and exacerbate both dryness and excess oil levels.

Exercise can reduce stress levels, improve your health and boost your mood. It increases the blood pumping around your body, thus supporting the shedding of dead cells and regeneration of new ones.