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5 Products to Impress Your Guests This Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is a time of celebration for many Chinese families. It is also a time of gathering where many families and relatives make their rounds of visits to houses. If you are expecting guests this Chinese New Year, why not spice up your home with some of these lovely oriental diffusers?

1. Ceramic Lucky Charm

A hanging scenting clay that can diffuse your favourite scent, while serving as a home décor piece. Hang it near the entrance of your home to catch the attention of every single guest that enters your home, or hang it against the wall in your living room as an elegant wall décor for all to admire.

2. Good Luck Charm

The lotus symbolises good luck, and there’s no better time than Chinese New Year to display this charm. Other variations of diffusers in lotus designs also include Flower Refreshments – Lotus and Blume – Lotus.

3. Hedgehog Scenting Clay Trinket

There is a famous saying in Chinese, good things come in pairs (好事成双). That’s why we have the Hedgehog Scenting Clay Trinket which comprises of 2 separate trinkets with a hedgehog sitting atop each trinket cover. Inside each trinket lies a piece of scenting clay which you can drip your favourite essential oil for a delicate aroma.

4. Moulin Joli Diffuser, Cherry Blossom

Cherry blossoms are synonymous with Chinese New Year as they represent the promise of Spring and renewal of life. The Moulin Joli diffuser comes with a set of reed sticks and a ceramic stalk of pink cherry blossom. Pour in the diffuser liquid into the container and allow it to fill the air with pleasant aroma for all your guests to enjoy.

5. Fortune Cat Diffuser

This Chinese New Year, HYSSES has launched a new limited-edition clay diffuser in the form of a fortune cat. The fortune cat, also known as the Maneki Cat, symbolises the coming of wealth and prosperity. In many homes and businesses, it is common to see a fortune cat ornament as a symbol of good luck for the place. This Fortune Cat Diffuser is now available in 2 scents, Bergamot Frankincense and Ginger Peppermint.