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What Does Your Favourite Essential Oil Say About You?

Our noses have an amazing ability that allows us to recognize up to 300 trillion different scents thanks to our olfactory senses. Some scents are fascinating and pleasant while others, not so much. And it's different for everyone - what you find pleasant may not be the case for another person.

It is also the same with aromatherapy where one may like a particular scent but the other may find the scent nauseating. In this article, let's uncover what your favourite essential oil say about you!


Photo of Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender gives out a sweet, floral fragrance and is most attracted by gentle, kind beings. Lavender is also most well-known for its relaxing properties, so if you like Lavender, it comes to show that you are a laid back person and you enjoy the night sky over daylight. While Lavender is commonly used for relaxation, true Lavender lovers can use this oil for almost anything - headaches, insomnia, stress, etc.


Photo of Peppermint Essential Oil

This is a powerful scent fit for strong impressionists. Your presence will never go unnoticed when you are around - whether its at a party or even in a meeting. Your laughter is infectious, and your voice loud and clear. If you are someone who can't sit still and likes being active, then Peppermint is your go-to oil for any occasion.


Photo of Rose Essential Oil <br>(5% in Jojoba Oil)

Introverts can resonate a lot with Rose scents. Although they are more on the quieter side, Rose lovers are great empathizers, making them the best listeners and the most loyal among friends. Another personality trait of Rose lovers is that they prefer the finer things in life, so their lifestyle may seem a tad extravagant on the outside, but to these Rose lovers, its the daily norm.


Photo of Sandalwood Essential Oil <br>(10% in Jojoba Oil)

This is a deep, lasting scent which shares close reminiscence to men in general. An attraction to Sandalwood means a longing for comfort, shelter and love. For those who have used Sandalwood in aromatherapy, they would know that a base note takes time for the scent to appear, this shows that Sandalwood lovers are patient and does not like to rush.


Photo of Lemon Essential Oil

You are definitely the life of the party. Lemon is an invigorating scent, it is fresh and zesty. Just a bite of a lemon wedge will instantly wake a sleepy person up and that is just how you are to everyone. You are a social butterfly that spreads your happiness to those around you. On behalf of everyone's lives you have touched, we thank you for putting a smile on our faces.


Photo of Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Like this oil, you are a breath of fresh air. You are witty and good with words, with this trait, many adore you and seek you for opinions and solutions to various matters. Like a leader, you walk with a great following who respects you, and this sure makes you proud like a peacock. One thing to note however, is to take proper care of your health if you want to live a long, healthy life.


Photo of Bergamot Essential Oil

Like a mother, you care for those around you. Your caring virtue is second to none and it is an extremely positive trait to have. Once you set your mind onto completing a task, your determination will never waver until the task is done. However, try to keep yourself stress free and take some time to step back, relax, and enjoy life without any worries.