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What is Aromatherapy BB cream?

What is BB Cream?

Firstly, “BB” is the market term for “beauty balm” Now, it may sound like something that is part of your skincare routine but that is only partially correct. BB cream is actually a foundation, primer and moisturizer all at the same time! BB cream is thinner compared to traditional foundations but it has a similar amount of coverage.BB cream will act as a primer by smoothing your skin and evening out your skin tone. This creates a base for your foundation. Lastly, as a moisturizer, it hydrates and softens your skin which makes it easier to apply make-up. Basically, BB cream allows to you to condense many steps of your morning skincare/make-up routine into one.

What makes HYSSES’ BB Cream unique?

  • Skincare Benefits

Our BB cream contains many natural ingredients including essential oils. Our BB cream does more than just moisturize and beautify. Depending on the variation, some kills bacteria, some has anti-ageing effects, and some has healing properties to help fade scars. HYSSES’ BB cream combines the health benefits of the essential oils and natural ingredients with the ultimate convenience of BB cream. Skincare has never been easier!

  • Serves your specific needs

Unlike other brands, HYSSES has many types of BB creams, each of them using unique essential oils with different health benefits. We have the rose sandalwood for hydration, tea tree hinoki for oil control, and geranium chamomile for skin restoration. There’s a BB cream for your every need so take your pick!


BB cream is your go-to product when you are looking for a quick and easy make-up/skincare fix. HYSSES’ BB cream has many more skin care benefits other than moisturizing and we offer multiple variations to cater to your specific skincare needs. I hope that this article have helped you understand what BB cream is.

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