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D.I.Y Disinfectant with Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender essential oil is one of the most well-known essential oils in the market. Almost everyone uses it for its power to induce sleep. However, that is not the only thing that it is good for. In fact, rather than a sleep-inducer, Lavender essential oil is actually one of the best cleaners!

As we are in a pandemic, it is important to be more careful with our surroundings and our hygiene. It is not enough to do the bare minimum and wash our hands. We have to be careful with the things we touch and the surfaces that we are in contact with. Disinfecting the surfaces at home or at work is the best way to protect you from getting sick and contracting the virus.

There are a lot of disinfectants in the market but most of them contain unnecessary ingredients that may not even help. Some disinfectants in the market do not even work. So, what is the best product to kill viruses and germs and clean surfaces? One that you can D.I.Y! Yes, natural essential oils are the perfect disinfectant. There are a lot of good essential oils, like Lavender, that you can use as a disinfectant. Since the ingredient itself is a natural disinfectant, there is no need to add unnecessary ingredients to “preserve” the product. You can mix and blend your own essential oil blend and craft according to your own taste. The best thing about going natural is that it is 100% effective.

The lavender essential oil contains antiviral, antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antiseptic properties; all of which are amazing for disinfecting. Essential oils contain aldehydes, phenolics, terpenes, and other microbial properties that make them effective against a lot of bacteria, germs, and viruses. So, you can blend it with other essential oils to enhance these effects and give other added benefits.

You can easily make your own disinfectant with Lavender by following these simple steps:

  1. Pour ¾ white vinegar into a spray bottle
  2. Add 8 drops of Lavender essential oil and 7 drops of Tea Tree essential oil
  3. Pour in ¾ cups of distilled water
  4. Shake the bottle thoroughly to mix the ingredients together

Since Tea Tree is also a natural disinfectant, it will pair perfectly with the Lavender oil. By adding more drops of Lavender oil, it can mask the pungent scent of Tea Tree, and complement the piney scent with its earthy floral aroma. However, if you prefer, you can opt for Lemongrass instead of Tea Tree.

Here are more D.I.Y blends to start you off if you decide to make your own disinfectant:

  • 8 drops of Clove and Lavender
  • 8 drops of Geranium and Lime
  • 8 drops of Lavender and Rosemary
  • 8 drops of Grapefruit, Lemon and Lavender

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