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Washing Your Face The Right Way

We all know that washing our faces is a simple task, but could washing your face the right  way be the secret to better skin? It’s common knowledge that washing your face takes more than just soap and water, especially if you have a full face of makeup on. According to certified dermatologist Dr. Rebecca Kleinman, leaving makeup on your face can interfere with your skin’s natural ability to repair itself and exfoliate properly.

Read on to find out what is the right way to washing your face.

  1. Use lukewarm water: Washing your face with cold water can cause broken capillaries, leaving your face red and weakened over time. Water that is too hot, on the other hand, can be very irritating to skin. Always stick to lukewarm water for washing your face.
  2. Don’t skip the makeup remover: You need to remove all traces of makeup first so start on your face washing step. Removing makeup cannot, I repeat, cannot be done with just regular face wash. Especially if you have heavy makeup on, a Cleansing Oil works the best when removing stubborn makeup. This step is also the first step of a double cleanse where you start with “cleansing” makeup and impurities from your face before washing your face more effectively into the pores.
  3. Choose a different cleanser for day and night: Nobody is stopping you from having two different face washes for one face. Think about it – if you wake up with dry, tight skin but as night falls, your skin starts to shine, then you’ll definitely need separate treatments for your day and night face wash routine. Try a gentle cleanser such as Micellar Cleansing Toner in the morning, and a facial wash at night. HYSSES’ Frankincense Patchouli Facial Wash is great for restoring skin’s elasticity and giving a bright and youthful complexion.
  4. Don’t rush: Take your time in lightly massaging the contours of your face as you wash your face. Use this time to give your skin a pampering session by circling and lifting the skin up from the jaws up to the cheekbones. This also help to slow down the signs of aging as it firms up the skin. Don’t forget the folds, wrinkles and creases like the sides of the nose.
  5. Pat dry with a clean towel: With lukewarm water, rinse your face by splashing some water onto your skin. Residue can hide around your jaw, nose, ears and hairline so pay close attention to these areas. Once the face wash has been completely washed off, pat – not rub – your face dry with a clean towel. Keep in mind that damp towels are a breeding ground for bacteria, so make sure you dry your towel in between uses.
  6. Complete with an alcohol-free toner: Your face wash is not complete without a toner to rebalance your skin back to its natural pH levels. Read on to find out how to use Micellar Cleansing Toner for the next step after washing your face.