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Exploring Nature's Own Indoor Air Solution with HYSSES

Aromatherapy diffusers work as scent emitters in places like your home, office, and even cars. Apart from its primary function of emitting scent into the environment, did you know that aromatherapy diffusers are capable of so much more?

As an aromatherapy diffuser, it has the ability to:

1. Purify the air

Aromatherapy diffusers help to purify the air around us. This is extremely helpful for those who have sensitive noses or those who are staying in overpopulated metropolitan cities. A little sprinkle of Eucalyptus or Pine essential oil is able to do the trick in killing bacteria and germs that may be lingering around us.

2. Put you to sleep

If you suffer from insomnia, an aromatherapy diffuser may be the solution to your sleeping woes. Diffusing some Lavender, Jasmine or Sandalwood right before your bedtime will encourage your body to drift off to a peaceful sleep. For use in the night, it is always recommended to use an aromatherapy diffuser with an auto-off safety feature like the aroma nebuliser.

3. Increase your appetite

Essential oils like Peppermint are very stimulating for the digestive system. This makes you want to eat and also makes you feel energized throughout the day. For parents, you may want to consider using an aromatherapy diffuser to naturally stimulate your child's appetite to get them to start eating.

4. Make you happy

Essential oils like Bergamot can naturally induce happiness by taking away stress and nervousness. Having an aromatherapy diffuser in the living room makes the home more cosy, and if you place one in the office, you will be less likely to feel stressed out because of the sedative properties of the essential oils.

5. Keep insects away

When it comes to repelling insects naturally, aromatherapy diffusers are clearly the best choice. No insecticides or bug sprays that only sting the eyes and noses, aromatherapy diffusers with Lemongrass or Citronella essential oil give off a subtle scent that deters insects away. Not only are they effective, they can also give your home a nice, lemony scent.

Now that you know aromatherapy diffusers have such a wide offering for your daily needs, shouldn't you be thinking of getting one now?