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Quit smoking with essential oils: A smoker’s guide to recovery

Smoking is extremely injurious to your health. When we think of health problems related to smoking the first thing that comes to mind is cancer. Yes, smoking causes cancer and it is one of the leading causes of Lung cancer in the United States of America but what most people don’t know is that smoking causes other illnesses as well. Smoking causes a wide variety of illness ranging from life threatening diseases such as heart disease to simple sore throat and flu. You see the negative effects of smoking in the long run, never in the early stages. To prevent this, it is beyond important to quit smoking right away. Easier said than done is what they say. Here are some ways that you can use essential oils to aid your rocky road to recovery.

Calming blend (in a nebulizer/humidifier/air purifier)

2 drops Lavender oil

1 drop of Jasmine oil

3 drops of Bergamot oil

3 drops of Chamomile oil

This blend of essential oils aids in calming your nerves. A very common symptom of nicotine withdrawal would be stress and anxiety. The first step of recovery is to first stop smoking. That’s the easy part. What’s hard is the withdrawal symptoms. This blend will help in keeping you calm when experiencing these stressful symptoms.

Alertness blend (in a nebulizer/humidifier/air purifier)

Oils and their benefits

Lavender oil – Lavender oil is a very popular and versatile essential oil that’s widely used in aromatherapy. It is known to widely reduce anxiety and lighten mood. It also works as a form of an anti-depressant. Studies have also shown that the inhalation of Lavender oil can fight against insomnia which is seen in many former smokers who are in recovery and experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

Jasmine essential oil – Jasmine oil has been known to be a form of an anti-depressant. Studies have shown that when inhaled, Jasmine oil stimulates brain activity which causes a person to feel more positive, energetic and at peace. It has also been known to reduce anxiety, palpitation and irritability all of which are withdrawal symptoms of nicotine.

Bergamot essential oil - Studies have shown that Bergamot essential oil when inhaled can significantly reduce stress and anxiety. It can also aid in treated depression. It helps to calm your mind and helps you drift off to sleep.

Chamomile oil – This essential oil is usually used in herb form to reduce anxiety, fatigue and insomnia but works exceptionally well even in oil form.

Are you a smoker that wants to quit? If you are then taking the first step to quitting is the most important. Get rid of that $13 cigarette pack, throw it into the bin. Use these essential oil tips to get you through your day. You’ll be over nicotine before you know it.

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