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The Basics of Achieving Youthful & Healthy Skin

When it comes to achieving better skin, cleansing is simply not enough. Beyond just cleaning the surface of the skin, you have to zoom in deeper into your skin, and you'll realise that a regular body wash won't be able to take away the buildup of dead skin cells no matter how often or how hard you clean.

The process of cleaning the skin is not just completed in a single step. It is a combination of (1) cleaning the skin's surface to get rid of impurities, oil and sweat accumulated throughout the day; (2) exfoliating the upper dermis layer of the skin to scrub off the stubborn dirt and dead skin cells which cleaning cannot get rid of; (3) moisturising the skin to keep the skin hydrated, especially for those with dry and/or sensitive skin; and lastly (4) protecting the skin from the harmful sun rays with a proper sunscreen which will allow your skin to remain youthful and healthy.

Step 1: Cleaning

Everyone has their preferred body wash or bar soap that they regularly use in the shower. Do you know that selecting the right wash for your skin type is also important as the wrong wash may end up clogging your skin or aggravating your skin concern, making them worse than before? If you have oily skin, choose a wash that contains ingredients like witch hazel, salicylic acid or Tea Tree inside as they contain sebum controlling properties. Soothing ingredients such as aloe vera, chamomile and cucumber are gentle on sensitive skin while Retinol, vitamin C and Geranium works perfectly for mature skin types.

Before you put a new body wash in your cart, do take the time to read the back label ingredients to see if the ingredients are suitable for your skin type. This way, you won't risk the chance of worsening your skin further.

Step 2: Exfoliating

If you have some extra minutes left in the shower, don't be in a hurry to step out of the bathroom. Get your body scrub and start exfoliating your skin. Exfoliating helps to slough off dead skin cells, making your skin less dull and more rejuvenated. The scrub particles also helps to stimulate blood circulation, and minimise the appearance of cellulite. With regular exfoliation, your skin will appear brighter and youthful.

There are 2 main types of scrubs you can use - salt or sugar scrubs. Salt scrub uses coarser salt particles which is effective for sloughing away dry and rough skin. It is also more suited for areas such as the feet, knees and elbows. Sugar scrubs, on the other hand, are less coarse, thus making them less abrasive for the skin. If you have sensitive skin, or if you want to exfoliate delicate areas, use sugar scrub instead.

Step 3: Moisturising

Body creams, lotions, oils - which one should you use?

Creams are heavy and thicker in texture, thus giving the most hydration to the skin, furthermore, creams provide the strongest protection from moisture loss. For those with dry skin, choose a non-clogging body cream that can give your skin maximum hydration even with a thin layer.

Lotions are almost similar to body creams, except that the ratio of oil to water is lesser as compared to creams. When applying a lotion, you would expect it to be absorbed into your skin, leaving a non-greasy silky smooth feel.

Body oils resemble our skin's natural oils, making it easier for our bodies to absorb into our system.It is recommended to apply body oil a scrub because your pores are still open and it is the best opportunity for the body oils to deeply penetrate into your skin.

Step 4: Protecting

All these is not complete without a veil of protection over your skin. Before you head out, grab a sunscreen and make sure that every exposed area of your skin is well protected. Going out in the sun without proper sun protection may seem harmless, but in the long run, you'll start to see signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines appearing on your skin. Take action and start the habit of applying the right sun protection today.

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With these 4 simple and easy steps, your skin will glow with radiance!