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As our e-store is still in beta–launch, direct customer login or integration has not yet been implemented. Rest assured that we are constantly working to improve it.

To find out how much HYSSES Rewards $ balance you have, simply pop into any store to ask or email us.

You may wish to visit any of our boutiques and our friendly staff will be able to change/update your personal particulars for you directly into the system. Otherwise, simply email us.

During registration of membership, you might have missed out the option to tick receive promotions via email/SMS/mail or excluded your email address in the membership form. You may visit any of our outlets and our friendly staff will assist you or log into your membership portal to update your communication preferences. Alternatively, simply email us.

If you are an existing HYSSES VIP, simply use your email address registered with us upon check out. In addition, key in the voucher code VIP10.
Should you be unsure, simply write to us at! Note: You need not be subscribed to our e-mailers to receive your VIP benefit. 

Membership RelATED

Your HYSSES VIP membership is country specific and cannot be utilised in other countries.

To qualify for a lifetime VIP membership, you have to meet the requirement accumulated receipt value based on the country specific requirement.

Benefits are:

+ All year round discount off regular-priced item
+ One time off birthday month discount
+ Points accumulation
+ Members only preview sale
+ Product sampling and subscriptions
+ Workshops and event invites

All receipts that are intended for accumulation must be wholly made in the intended country to qualify for a VIP membership.All receipts that are intended for accumulation must be at regular price without any membership discounts. Transactions involving redemption of birthday month discount is not eligible for receipt accumulation for new VIP enrollment.

Our VIP membership is only available at countries where there are physical HYSSES boutiques. The membership details and entitlements varies from countries to countries. For more information, pls visit a HYSSES boutique in your country or check out the VIP membership page in your country E-Store. 

At the main page, go to Select Country at the top left-hand corner and select the country that you are in. If your country is not listed, you will be directed to the International E-store,

Purchases utilising the Birthday Month Discount will not be entitled to the accumulation of HYSSES $.
HYSSES $ are non-transferable and non-refundable.
HYSSES $ will not be issued when payment is made with any forms of vouchers.
HYSSES $ will not be issued for transactions involving membership registration.
HYSSES $ accumulation is applicable for all purchases except repair parts/services, workshop fees/services, shipping charges, or birthday month purchases.
HYSSES $ may be earned with purchases made via the e-store (within the country of membership registration).
HYSSES $ will not be issued on shipping charges.

HYSSES $ redemption is only applicable for regular-priced items only.
HYSSES $ redemption may only be made in the physical boutiques and are currently not available for redemption in the e-store.
HYSSES $ cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts (including Birthday month and other VIP discounts/ promotions/ privileges and/or vouchers).
HYSSES $ must be utilised within the same day during the point of redemption.
HYSSES $ redemption is not applicable for shipping charges.
Purchases utilising HYSSES $ will be converted to store credits in event of refunds or exchanges.

Your NRIC (Identification Card) has to be presented for identification and validation of birthday month.
Birthday Month discount is a one-time purchase and is valid only during member’s birthday month every year.
Birthday Month discount cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions/ discounts/ privileges and/or vouchers unless stated otherwise.
Purchases utilising the Birthday Month Discount will not be entitled to the point-accumulation of HYSSES Rewards.

Only the year-long 10% discount on the regular price item entitlement can be shared with HYSSES members’ friends and family members. HYSSES membership number has to be presented to our retail assistant during the point of purchase to validate the discount. Discount will not be processed after receipt has been issued.

Friends and family members of a member will not be entitled to redeem the member’s birthday month discount or utilise the rewards points.
Purchases made with a member’s privileges will not qualify for receipt accumulation for new VIP enrollment.


HYSSES and the affiliate are independent contractors. Once the affiliate agreed to the Terms & Conditions of the Affiliate Agreement, nothing in the agreement states a creation of any partnership, employment, representative, agency or joint venture between the parties.
All content on this site, including limitation text, icons and graphics are property of HYSSES and are protected by Singapore and International intellectual property laws.

The Affiliate has no authority to act on HYSSES' behalf and no part or portions of this site may be copied, sold or used in any manner for any commercial purpose without written consent.

Upon submission of your registration for our affiliate programme, we will be processing your application. Upon approval, you will received 2 emails. One of the email consist of your personalised affiliate referral link which you can embedded into your own website or into your Social Media campaigns. It also contain the login to your affiliate program dashboard.

Another email will contain your affiliate discount code that you can provide to your network for their purchases and your QR code.

If you have not received any of the following, pls email us at

As long as you are passionate about aromatherapy and natural skincare & cosmetics products, most importantly an ardent supporter of HYSSES.

For those without website or social media accounts, you can outreach to your network with your own personal affiliate QR code and discount code. 

Those with website, blog or social media posts, your site must meet the following criteria

+ No offensive content (e.g. pornography, foul language, etc)
+ No popup ads
+ No gambling or ads for gambling
+ No coupon/deals sites
+ Strong Network

Affiliate can login to their affiliate dashboard to monitor the purchases done by their networks and the commission payable.

If there should be any doubts, pls kindly email us at

HYSSES Singapore reserves the right to vary/ amend and/ or withdraw the terms & conditions without prior notice.