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Car Clay Diffuser Robin

This scenting clay is uniquely crafted in white and grey clay and the perfect size for use in a car or on desk tops. Features a non-slip grip pad on its base.
  • Clay diffusers are simple to use and ideal for delicate aroma diffusion.
  • Drip 16 - 30 drops of essential oil onto the clay for the initial scenting stage. For optimal diffusion, leave the diffuser in the box overnight before display. To refresh a faded scent, add 8 - 10 drops of essential oil.

    Handle with care; ceramic is fragile. Avoid spilling essential oil on plastic or painted surfaces. Keep out of reach from children and pets. 
  • Scent
    Cold-pressed Lemon from Spain and Steam-distilled Geranium from Egypt

    Robin clay with white glaze base
    Lemon Geranium essential oil 5ml

    Ø7cm H4cm