Rose Hip Cold Pressed Beauty Oil

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Reveal your age through your wisdom, not your skin. Regain radiant, taut skin with cold-pressed 100% rose hip oil, naturally packed with anti-oxidants to fight photo-ageing, and Vitamin A to renew skin cells.

Suitable for pigmentation and wrinkles.
    • Firms skin and improves elasticity
    • Fade scars, reduce wrinkles

    Comedogenic Rating: 2
    Oleic Acid: 15% (Omega-9)
    Linoleic Acid: 45% (Omega-6)
    Palmitic acid: 4.4%
    Palmitoleic acid: 0.1%
    Stearic acid: 2%

  • For use in face care, apply 2 - 3 drops onto fingertips and massage evenly onto face.

    Apply a patch test along jawline before use on full face, and on the inside of the elbow before use on the body.
  • 100% pure, unrefined Rose Hip Oil
  • Cold-pressed Rose Hip Oil from Australia


    Contains Certified Organic IngredientsThis is a Cruelty-Free productThis product has recyclable materialsUse within 6 months of opening

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