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Solar Flower Diffuser Refill - Carnation Bouquet

This beautiful solar flower is expertly carved into thin slivers from tree barks. When paired with coloured oil, the petals absorb the disperse scent while displaying the colours with ever-changing intensity.

This solar flower can also be used with any non-coloured home scent.

  • Ensure that the vase has at least 13 ~ 15 cm of height or trim the stems of the solar flower to suit your vase. Fill it with the Home Scent of your choice. Remove solar flower from packaging and insert into the vase. Allow the solar flower to absorb and diffuse home scent diffuser oil.
  • Includes
    Carnation Bouquet Solar Flower x 1 bunch 

    Ø31cm H6cm

    Home Scent Refills are sold separately.