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Can Essential Oils Alleviate Varicose Veins Concerns?

What Exactly is Varicose Vein and What Causes It?

Varicose veins are dilated, bulging veins that are usually seen on the legs and/or other parts of the body. The cause of these unsightly veins can be due to myriad of factors such as heredity, pregnancy, prolong standing or sitting and obese, among others. These veins not only pose cosmetic concerns, in other cases, it may also cause pooling of blood, open sore or skin infection which can be a sign of a more serious health issue that should be addressed soonest. We advise that you pay a visit to the doctor if in doubt.

Can Essential Oils Help with Varicose Veins?

Though there is no published scientific research on the effectiveness of essential oils for varicose veins, essential oils are believed to improve blood circulation, relief pains and reduce swelling which could aid in alleviating varicose vein concerns.

Essential Oils that can Alleviate Varicose Veins Issues

Essential Oil Lavender
Essential Oil Lavender

Known for its pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties, the act of whiffing the said essential oil can stimulate serotonin and Gamma aminobutyric acid, chemicals found in the brain, that are associated with pain relief. Applying Lavender essential oil coupled with massaging on affected areas can potentially take the edge off the pain.

Essential Oil Rosemary
Essential Oil Rosemary

The abilities of Rosemary are thought to increase blood circulation and relieve pain. This could combat the issue of prolong sitting or standing that causes poor blood circulation.

Chakras, Root
Chakras, Root
This is a blend of patchouli and lavender essential oils. This combination can ease pain, soothe inflammation and stimulate blood circulation.


Essential Oils Remedies for Alleviating Varicose Veins Concerns
  1. Drip 5 drops of essential oils into 1L of warm water.
  2. Soak a cloth into the mixture, creating a warm compress.
  3. Apply the compress to areas with varicose veins for 15mins.
  4. Keep your legs uplifted during application.

 **Apply a patch test along the neck for 24 hours before applying on skin

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