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Essential Oil for Improving Mental Alertness In the Office

Droopy eyelids and silent yawns are a common sight in the office or at school. For working adults, feeling sleepy and tired during the day is inevitable, especially when you’ve been sitting at your desk and staring at your PC screen for hours. This overwhelming feeling of lethargy is amplified when you are doing monotonous tasks each day, making your productivity dip lower and lower as the clock ticks by.

Before you doze off and risk getting marked by your colleagues or worse, your superior, why not freshen up with a touch of essential oil to get some aromatic boost in your energy level?

Essential oils can have positive effects on your mind and body – it not only increases blood flow to your brain so that you can focus and concentrate better, it also keeps you alert and pushes you to be more productive in the things that you are doing.

Diffusers for office                                                                               

In an office setting where it’s a shared space among your fellow colleagues, it’s wise to be considerate to those working around you, since having a diffuser at your work station would also mean that your working neighbours will also have a whiff of the scent every now and then. So, try going for clay diffusers or ornament such as the Scenting Clay Flower Refreshment which gives off a subtle scent from its porous clay surface while doubling as an exquisite paperweight. Other alternatives also include the Cherry Blossom Car Clay Diffuser which comes with a fancy anti-slip pad at the bottom for those who intend to put them on the dashboard of the car but hey, what’s stopping you from using it in the office too?

For something that has a slightly more coverage area, a 60ml home scent will do the trick. But if you like a diffuser with a bit more class, then a Dainty Diffuser is the one for you. Reed diffusers are fuss-free, low maintenance and flame-free, making it the best choice for an office diffuser. Just be sure to monitor the level of oil inside the container so you’ll know when it’s time for a refill.

Scents for the office

Rosemary – this is the most recommended essential oil to use in the office because it improves memory, boosts concentration and keeps your mind alert throughout the day. Its minty, refreshing scent also clears up congestion and lightens respiratory issues that could have been associated with the dry and humid office air-conditioning. Rosemary is also suitable for drivers to keep them from losing focus while driving, making the drive a safe and enjoyable ride.

Vanilla – the sweet and comforting scent of vanilla is a popular choice among females thanks to its wide array of benefits from relieving PMS symptoms, reducing depression and lifting the spirits. Vanilla’s warm aroma is also known as a sedative as it had soothing and calming properties which help tremendously in balancing emotions and promoting serenity. Vanilla is also a top favourite when it comes to blending with other oils, ranging from floral scents like Lavender to citrusy scents like Grapefruit.

Chamomile– sipping chamomile tea isn’t the only way to alleviate stress. There is also chamomile essential oil that also helps to quell tension, anxiety and nervousness in the office. While the tea is known for soothing the digestive system, the scent of chamomile, when diffused in the office, can bring on feelings of relaxation and harmony within coworkers.

Bergamot – this is a delightful scent that has proven itself as an effective mood enhancer and an immunity booster in the office. Since the office is usually on a central air-conditioning system, viruses and bacteria tend to circulate around the office through the air-conditioning, making it easier for one to catch a cold and fall sick just because someone else seated across the office is down with the flu for the past 3 days. Bergamot not only uplifts the environment but also serves as a purifying oil that protects the immune system, keeping your health in tip-top condition. And when you are feeling good, that’s when productivity is the best.