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Stress is a multidimensional syndrome because it involves mind, body and emotions. The symptoms of stress involve both behavioural and psychological problems, and the reason for the success of aromatherapy is dealing with stress is that it uses a multidimensional holistic approach.

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Essential Oil Bergamot
Essential Oil Geranium
Essential Oil Pure Lavender
Essential Oil Sandalwood (10% in Jojoba Oil)
Essential Oil Lemon
Essential Oil Orange
Essential Oil Rosemary
Essential Oil Ylang Ylang
Essential Oil Frankincense
Essential Oil Marjoram
Essential Oil Jasmine (10% in Jojoba Oil)
Remedies, Immunity Booster
Remedies, Relaxing
Remedies, Sensual Mood (Ylang Ylang & Jasmine)
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Remedies, Stress Relief
Remedies, Memory Enhancement
Remedies, Anxiety
Remedies, Mental Fatigue
Remedies, Calming
Chakras, Crown
Chakras, Third Eye
Chakras, Heart (Ylang Ylang & Sandalwood)
Specialty Oil Yuzu
Specialty Oil Hinoki