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Personal Care for Baby & Children

Protect your baby and children's dedicate skin with 100% botanical body and hair care products. Free from harmful chemical, additive, paraben and synthetic fragrance, HYSSES uses 100% natural and gentle formulation backed with relaxing essential oils such as Lavender and Chamomile for the Baby & Children collection. Soothe and Calm your baby.


Essential Oil Pure Lavender
Remedies, Cold & Flu
Hand Sanitiser, Elephant
Remedies, Relaxing
Body Lotion Lavender Chamomile
Massage Oil Lavender Chamomile
Remedies, Bugs Be Gone (Lemongrass & Clove)
Remedies, Memory Enhancement
Anti Mosquito Soothing Lotion Mist
Body Wash Lavender Chamomile
Body Mist Lavender Chamomile
Remedies, Calming
Hand Sanitiser, Bear
Bubble Bath, Unscented
Hand Sanitiser, Maneki
Sold Out
Hand Sanitiser, Dragon
Sold Out
Hand Sanitiser, Turquoise Blue (Cedar Patchouli)
Sold Out
Hand Sanitiser, Deer (Palmarosa Jasmine)
Hand Sanitiser Gift Set of 4
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Hand Sanitiser, Turquoise Blue (Vetiver Frankincense)
Hand Sanitiser, Cow
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Hand Sanitiser, Rabbit
Hand Sanitiser, Giraffe
Hand Sanitiser, Sakura Pink