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Pure Essential Oils & Blends

HYSSES essential oils are 100% pure, free from synthetic fragrances, petrochemicals, and unnecessary fillers. To make a scent truly your own, experiment with different blends from HYSSES' selection of more than 40 essential oils.

Essential Oil Bergamot
Chakras, Crown
Chakras, Third Eye
Chakras, Throat
Chakras, Solar Plexus
Chakras, Sacral
Chakras, Root
Specialty Oil Chamomile Roman
Specialty Oil Cinnamon
Essential Oil Citronella
Specialty Oil Clary Sage
Specialty Oil Elemi
Essential Oil Eucalyptus
Specialty Oil Fir Balsam
Specialty Oil Frangipani Absolute (25%)
Essential Oil Frankincense
Essential Oil Geranium
Essential Oil Grapefruit
Specialty Oil Guaiac Wood (20%)
Specialty Oil Hinoki
Specialty Oil Jasmine Absolute
Essential Oil Jasmine (10% in Jojoba Oil)
Essential Oil Pure Lavender
Essential Oil Lemon