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Hysses is always looking for new ways to bring the benefits of natural essential oils to new products for your home and body. Here you'll find the latest additions to our collection.
Remedies, Vitality (Orchid Ambrette)
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Hand Sanitiser, Sakura Pink (Palmarosa Jasmine)
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Hand Sanitiser, Turquoise Blue (Lavender Chamomile)
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Hand Sanitiser, Dragon (Plum Yuzu)
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Hand Sanitiser, Mercat (Bergamot Sandalwood)
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Hand Sanitiser, Maneki (Rosemary Peppermint)
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Joyride Car Clay Refill, Vanilla Sandalwood
Joyride Car Clay Refill, Palmarosa Jasmine
Joyride Car Clay Refill, Bergamot Frankincense
Joyride Car Clay, Wave (Bergamot Frankincense & Vanilla Sandalwood)
Joyride Car Clay, Orient (Palmarosa Jasmine & Bergamot Frankincense)
Joyride Car Clay, Floret (Palmarosa Jasmine & Vanilla Sandalwood)
UV Floral Mist Rose SPF20
UV Floral Mist Lavender SPF20
UV Floral Mist Chamomile SPF20
Natural Antiseptic Deodorant Bergamot Minoki
Lilac Luminous, Radiant Citrus SPF50/PA++
Lightweight Hair Serum Lavender Hinoki
Lightweight Hair Serum Lavender Chamomile
Lightweight Hair Serum Bergamot Geranium
Colour Protection Conditioner, Palmarosa Jasmine
Colour Protection Conditioner, Geranium Rosemary
Colour Protection Shampoo, Geranium Rosemary
Colour Protection Shampoo, Palmarosa Jasmine